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EQUALS International

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EQUALS International is a training university founded over 30 years ago. The world’s future leaders and carers come to the university to get a great education in the healthcare and human services fields. EQUALS is in the middle of Adelaide, Australia, and students love the location almost as much as they love the learning experience.


Since EQUALS was first established in 1991, the institution has been helping students reach their full potential. Lecturers and tutors take a caring, patient-first approach, and graduates from all EQUALS programmes leave fully qualified, with lots of useful practical and emotional skills.


EQUALS is a registered service provider to the UN (United Nations) Procurement Division and fully supports the Global Compact principles. The university stands for gender equality, cultural diversity, and giving everyone fair opportunities to succeed. Kindness is a big priority across all EQUALS courses, and this tertiary education institution is proud to believe that kindness and community connection are the two most important parts of building a better future and improving the world.


The EQUALS campus is modern and well-designed. It was created to give every student enrolled an ideal learning and studying environment. There are also some very useful student support services and career and employability services available to all EQUALS students. There’s always a place to turn for help, advice or guidance, and students are fully prepared for the working world by the time graduation arrives.


International students, in line with the university’s priorities, are welcomed warmly into the EQUALS family. The university wants to provide everyone with a high-quality education no matter where they come from, who they are or what their background is. Enrolling at EQUALS International means joining a friendly and supportive student and staff community.


Settling in is made even easier for international students by the amazing city of Adelaide. Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, known for its exciting culture. When a person steps off the EQUALS campus in Adelaide, they can enjoy a city adventure or sunbathe and relax on a beautiful beach. It’s their choice, and Australian student life is theirs to enjoy.


Explore more about studying at EQUALS:


Teaching quality

Entry requirements

Scholarships & funding

University structure


Student support

Graduate outcomes


Teaching Quality

EQUALS International delivers high-quality teaching across all programmes, showing care and attention to every student. Lecturers at EQUALS understand that every person has a lot of potential, and they want to help all the students they teach and educate to reach that potential. The university trains students mentally, physically, and emotionally, as well as teaching them all the skills they need.


Most students at EQUALS will go on to enter demanding, fast-paced industries, and they need to be properly prepared. So, EQUALS prepares them. It’s not a place where people go for a few years, learn some theory and then leave without an idea of where they’re going next. It’s an institution that offers quality teaching with practical application. It’s an institution that prepares every student for their future professional path.


Whether students are there for Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses or bachelor’s courses, EQUALS gives them everything they need to succeed. The teaching quality never drops. EQUALS faculty members also do a lot of important research and community outreach, including a recent disability employment project with Purple Orange and the Julia Farr Association (JFA).


Entry Requirements

All students must meet certain university requirements to enrol in a programme at EQUALS. The school or university qualifications expected depend upon the applicant’s chosen level of study and their home country. There are some course-specific entry requirements that applicants should look into, but generally speaking, the university entry requirements for international students are:


  • The completion of secondary education with the equivalent of a high school diploma/the completion of a university qualification with at least a bachelor’s degree
  • A minimum level of English language understanding
  • Certain minimum grades (these change from country to country)
  • An ability to provide all their requested supporting documents
  • An ability to financially support their studies


For example, students from Bangladesh must have a Senior School Certificate with a GPA of at least 3.5, while students from Japan must have received an Upper Secondary School Leaving Certificate with an overall GPA of 70 per cent.


English Score Required

The language of teaching and assessment at EQUALS is English. For international students whose first language is not English, a certain level of proficiency will need to be proven to enrol at EQUALS. Students who don’t quite meet the requested minimum English score in their proficiency test can still have the chance to be offered enrolment after successful completion of an approved English language course at the university.


EQUALS accepts a range of English language proficiency tests. Two of the most common are the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) and the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). There’s a full table on the EQUALS website listing all the accepted test methods and the minimum English test scores needed in each of them for each course. To give a brief summary:


  • Students applying for undergraduate courses need to get an IELTS overall band score of at least 6, with no individual bands falling below 5.5, or a TOEFL score of at least 60, with a minimum score of 18 in the writing section.
  • Students applying for most VET courses need to get an IELTS overall band score of at least 5.5, with no individual bands falling below 5, or a TOEFL score of at least 60, with a minimum score of 18 in the writing section (though some VET courses may require a 6.0 overall score)
  • Students applying for a nursing diploma need to get an IELTS overall band score of 7, with no individual bands falling below 6.5, or a TOEFL score of 94, with at least a 24 for listening and reading, a 23 for speaking and a 27 for writing.



The student admission process at EQUALS is quick and easy, but applicants are still encouraged to read the information available about the admission journey in the Student Handbook before applying. This way, everything can be as quick and easy as possible. There’s also a full guide to the specifics of the international application process that overseas students should read.


Applicants will need to share a range of supporting documents with the university when they apply. To be prepared and avoid delays, they should have it all ready before they submit a university admission application. The exact documents needed can change between programmes, but international applicants will generally be asked for:


  • Proof of residency/visa status
  • Copy of a photo ID (usually a passport, driving licence or proof of age card)
  • Secondary evidence of identity (a birth certificate copy, a Medicare Card etc.)
  • A health questionnaire (included in the application form)
  • A DCSI Check Application or National Police Clearance (for certain programmes)
  • Education transcripts
  • Latest education grades


Once an applicant has all the information that they’re going to need, they can fill out an online application for EQUALS Australia. During this application, they’ll share personal details, explain their educational history, and select their chosen programme of study.


After the application has been submitted, the applicant can expect to be contacted within around 48 hours. Following that, there will be a meeting that the student must attend. This meeting is the final stage of the admission process. It involves discussing the activities and content of the programme a person has applied for and the eligibility and suitability of the student for their programme.


Scholarships & Funding

As of 2020, the annual tuition fee for international students was AUD 2,596 (AUD 2,163 for domestic students). On top of this, the full-time indicative 2020 annual course fee for international students was AUD 20,768 for standard study mode with two trimesters of four units (AUD 17,304 for domestic students) and AUD 31,152 for accelerated study mode with three trimesters of four units (AUD 25,956 for domestic students).


EQUALS International understands the struggles that many students face when it comes to funding their education and paying tuition fees. One thing the university feels strongly about is the importance of equal opportunities when it comes to learning new skills, getting a great education and working towards a career. For that reason, EQUALS has a wide range of financial assistance options available to reward academic achievement and respond to financial needs.


In partnership with the Centre for Equality, EQUALS offers a range of university scholarships to domestic and international students. These scholarships require individual applications, and they can range in value between a 25 per cent reduction in tuition fees, a 50 per cent reduction in tuition fees and a 75 per cent reduction in tuition fees.


Students are encouraged to apply for these if they can show real excitement about achieving a qualification and real passion for their studies. When awarding scholarships each year, EQUALS considers:


  • The application itself
  • The applicant’s academic results
  • The applicant’s vocational experience, if applicable
  • The applicant’s resume/CV
  • The applicant’s referee statements
  • The contents of the applicant’s scholarship interview


There are also other forms of financial assistance available to EQUALS students, from education loans to flexible payment plans to discount cards. Students are encouraged to explore all their options.


University Structure

EQUALS is a focused institution that offers mostly industry and service-based studies. There is a range of courses on offer in its subject specialisms of healthcare, business and support, and there is a range of study levels on offer, including diplomas, certificates, and bachelor’s degrees. All courses at EQUALS are organised into six main study areas:


  • Human Services
  • Health and Nursing
  • Education and Community Services
  • Integrative Health
  • Leadership and Management
  • Short Courses and Foundational Skills


There are many different subject options within these study areas, including nursing, mental health, remedial massage, counselling, community services and ageing support. Every study option at this university is a useful, important one with practical applications. Any person who wants to enter a healthcare or human services field will find the qualification that’s right for them in the range of options offered by EQUALS.



The EQUALS campus is right in the middle of Adelaide, which is perfect for students. There are plenty of shops and restaurants to buy from and eat in, and plenty of city adventures to enjoy when class is not in session. The whole city is a busy and exciting student activity centre.


On the same street as the university, students can use the F45 Training Adelaide CBD West as a student recreation centre, complete with cardio and strength equipment. There’s also the Goodlife Health Club just down the road, with lots of open space and modern equipment.


Surrounding the Currie Street area where EQUALS is located, some of the most famous fast-food chains are conveniently placed. Popular fast-food restaurants are both within a short walking distance, as are some culturally diverse dining options that new Adelaide residents just have to try.


Academic facilities on campus at EQUALS are also amazing. Every classroom, study area and lecture theatre is designed to bring students the most inspirational and enjoyable learning environment possible. No matter what they study, everybody enrolled at EQUALS can expect all the resources and support they need from the university’s facilities and spaces.


One of the most important student life centres for studying is the EQUALS library. There are group study sessions and interactive workshops on offer through the library, along with a range of resources, including thousands of titles (digital and print). There are also computer stations, individual study spaces and group study spaces. Plus, whenever a student has an academic/research-based query, the library staff will be happy to help.



At EQUALS, students live in and around the Adelaide city centre rather than in traditional on-campus university accommodation. Buses, trams, and trains operate across the area, so students will always be able to get around easily.


Plus, the housing costs in Adelaide and lower than they are in most other Australian state capital cities, so students shouldn’t struggle too much in their search for an affordable student house or apartment to live in during their studies.


According to Study Adelaide, there are four main international student accommodation options: hostels and guesthouses for AUD 90 to AUD 150 a week, shared rentals for AUD 85 to AUD 215 a week, rooms through the Homestay Programme for AUD 235 to AUD 325 a week and private rentals for AUD 165 to 440 a week.


UniLodge, Australia’s largest provider of accommodation to students, has lots of options in Adelaide. Some of these options are very close to the EQUALS campus and convenient for a quick commute to class. UniLodge @ Metro Adelaide, for example, contains 300 student apartments and is only 200 metres away from the university. UniLodge City Gardens, a 17-floor student building with 770 beds, is also nearby. More accommodation information and advice can be found on the EQUALS website.


Student Support

This university provides lots of student support services. At EQUALS, students can easily get help with their academic issues, career concerns, financial problems, emotional worries and physical or mental health concerns. The student support programme has no gaps. Everything is covered, and every student gets what they need when they need it.


International students, for example, will be helped through the transition to student life in Australia with lots of great student support, including a buddy programme. Students are assigned a current student or recent graduate during orientation, and this person then acts as their student guide, helping them with settling in, making friends, and improving their study skills if required. Guidance and a friendly face in a brand-new place can make a huge difference.


In terms of academic support, there are student services to help everyone stay on track. International students can get help with their English skills, their research skills and more. Disabled students and students with accessibility needs can organise their academic accommodations easily to get the most out of their studies.


Protecting student wellbeing is a big priority for EQUALS. Many of the programmes offered to students ask for a lot of hard work and can be demanding, so when class is out, EQUALS wants to make sure every student has time to relax. This is why the university has introduced a full range of easy to access Natural Healing services, including:


  • Remedial and Relaxation Massage
  • Yoga
  • Acupuncture
  • Skin Care
  • Naturopathy
  • Bowen Therapy


Graduate Outcomes

EQUALS International is not a university that just gives students a qualification and sends them on their way. Job prospects are great for EQUALS graduates, and career options are wide open. Why? Because the university prepares students for professional life during every stage of their studies. The learning isn’t theoretical, it’s practical, too.


Plus, the university has a wide range of career services and employment services that EQUALS students can turn to for guidance and support. Students can go through the employment support staff to get help with anything career related. Anything from booking one-to-one sessions with a career guide and talking through their possible future paths to attending group workshops for CV writing and job interview preparation.


The employment support staff have also worked with local industry and employers for decades, creating strong connections that benefit students when they graduate. There’s nothing EQUALS won’t do to leave students in the best position to get a job in their field when they leave the university. Students are nurtured, guided, and mentored every step of the way.


EQUALS is a training organisation. It is actively preparing students for their future careers, and it has been for over 30 years. Any student enrolled at this institution can be sure that after completing their studies and developing their professional practice, they’ll be ready and fully qualified for a career in their chosen field.


Alumni from EQUALS have gone on to do some amazing things as healthcare and service professionals. Any person, domestic or international, who chooses to apply to the Australian university can join that always-growing group of talented and successful alumni. The things a student learns at EQUALS will prepare them for a career anywhere.



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