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IT professionals work with computer hardware and software, including the screen you're looking at, the network you're connected to, and the software you're using right now. If you're interested in a career in computing, this is the degree for you.

  • The Bachelor of Information Technology will prepare you for a career working with computers and information, where you'll apply technical skills to solve problems, support innovation, and improve communication between people.
  • Choose to complete one or two majors, or an extended major. Majors cover topics relevant to computer hardware, software, and user experience. Majors are also optional Ð if you prefer, you can study a mix of courses.
  • Complete a range of compulsory courses that will build your core knowledge about software and hardware. You'll study topics including software engineering, design, mathematics, information systems, and more.
  • Benefit from a program developed through strong industry consultation with our Industry Advisory Board. The board is made up of multinational companies including Boeing, Microsoft, Virgin, Accenture and SAP, as well as smaller local startups.

User Experience Design

New technologies only succeed if they work for people. User Experience (UX) designers are the people who ensure the design of software, websites, or technologies meets their intended use Ð from commercial software to personal fitness apps to games, and everything in between. The User Experience Design major is for anyone who wants to work in the multi-skilled field of human-centred design. UX designers work across all sectors of ICT, where their combination of people skills, creativity and technical abilities are in demand. Courses in this major focus on design skills and creativity, programming, and prototyping in different media. Design skills are consolidated in Design Computing studio courses.

Career outcomes

Graduates of the User Experience Design major are typically responsible for developing and improving systems to be more engaging and user-friendly. Graduates have worked as user interface developers, user experience designers, usability specialists, human factors analysts, user researchers, and human interface developers.

Further study options

Graduates of the Bachelor of Information Technology have the opportunity to progress into the following programs:

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours)

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Engineering and Computing



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Full Time (3 yıl)

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A$45,120.00 (TRY 182,957) Yıllık

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27 Temmuz 2020


The University of Queensland

St Lucia Campus,



4072, BRISBANE, Australia

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Türkiye gelen öğrenciler için

IB score varies based on the subject taken. International Baccalaureate Diploma Scores: Minimum of 26 - 42. To be offered a place in an undergraduate program, you need to have successfully completed Queensland Year 12, or a qualification equivalent to Queensland Year 12, with the required minimum entry score for the program you're interested in studying. English Language Scores: IELTS: Overall Band Score of 6.5 AND a minimum score of 6 in each sub-band of Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening; TOEFL (Internet-Based-iBT): Overall score 87 with a Writing score of 21 and Reading, Speaking and Listening scores of 19; TOEFL (Paper-based): Overall score of 570 and a minimum score of 5.0 in the Test of Written English (TWE) and 54 in Listening and Reading; PTE: Overall score of 64 with 60 in each communicative skills section; CAE/CPE: Overall Cambridge English Scale (CES) score of 176 with a minimum score of 169 in each skill; BE: A minimum overall grade of 4 plus a minimum grade of C in all four macro skills.

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Queensland Year 12 (or equivalent) English and Mathematics B

English Proficiency

IELTS overall 6.5; reading 6; writing 6; speaking 6; listening 6. For other English Language Proficiency Tests and Scores approved for UQ TOEFL IBT - Overall 87, listening 19, reading 19, writing 21 and speaking 19. TOEFL PB - Overall 570, listening 54, reading 54, writing 59/5. Pearsons - Overall Score of 64 and 60 in all sub bands. BEP - A minimum overall grade of 4 plus a minimum grade of C in all macro skills. CES - Overall 176 and 169 in all sub bands. OET is not accepted.

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