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Primary Education Years PP-6


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Having happy students who are known, feel cared for and valued as individuals is important to us. Once our students have a circle of friends to support them and in which they feel that they belong, they are set to go about the ‘real’ business of school – learning!

Our Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten are special places where imagineering and learning go hand in hand.

It is the perfect place for an excellent educational start to school life. The programme is designed to engage curious young minds where inquiry, imagination, creativity and the wonder of learning matters.

PLC caters for both boys and girls in Pre-Kindergarten (3 years old) and Kindergarten (4 years old).

Students in Pre-Kindergarten have the option of attending either three days or five days per week.

Our approach is to discover, recognise and respond to the individual child’s strength, passions and contributions. Children each have their own stories to tell and are respected as being fully formed right now rather than in a state of ‘becoming’. Habits of minds are cultivated and thinking is extended. Boundaries, structures and routines are provided to optimise childhood.

Our programme is specifically designed to engage students in authentic learning for sustained periods of time. In this way students feel valued as a unique being in the process of discovering themselves.

Our students are taught to understand themselves as learners and encouraged to take responsibility for their academic progress. Learning is visible, collaborative and personally owned by each student.

Their learning is informed by timely feedback, ongoing assessment and self-reflection. Student choice, flexible grouping options and the provision of a range of challenges build confidence and develop courage.



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Full Time (364 hafta)

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A$29,672.00 (TRY 389,192) Yıllık
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30 Ocak 2023, 26 Nisan 2023, 25 Temmuz 2023, 10 Ekim 2023


Presbyterian Ladies' College

14 McNeil Street,


Western Australia,

6011, PERTH, Australia


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