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Program Description

The program is ideally suited to international students who already hold a minimum three-year degree in information technology or computer science. Advanced study in business management will enhance employability for entry and middle management positions in various information technology professions in Canada, depending on prior educational experience.

This multi-disciplinary program includes business management, communications, and specialized information technology courses. For international students with a three-year degree in information technology or a related field, the program introduces management concepts in a Canadian context, with emphasis on internal and external communications, organizational behaviour, human resource management, and project management.

Career Prospects

The objective of this program is to enhance the employability of internationally-trained information technology graduates as they transition into information technology careers in Canada, with an emphasis on management positions.


Year 1

Semester 1

ECON105-Principles of Economics (45 hours; 3 credits)

ENGL110-Intro to Workplace Communications (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT104-Principles of Management (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT120-Financial Accounting (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT150-Business Mathematics (45 hours; 3 credits)

Semester 2

ENGL100-Academic Writing (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT204-Human Resource Management (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT217-Business Systems Analysis & Design (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT221-Managerial Accounting (45 hours; 3 credits)

PSYC224-Organizational Behaviour (45 hours; 3 credits)

Year 2

Semester 3

COMM301 - Organizational Communications (45 hours; 3 credits)

ITEC240 – Server Management (45 hours; 3 credits)

ITEC250 – Network Infrastructure (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT225 - Strategic Management (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT260 - Principles of Corporate Finance I (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT425 - Integrated Strategic Management Seminar (15 hours; 1 credit)

Semester 4

ITEC320 - Virtual Software Systems (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT228 - Business Law (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT261 - Principles of Corporate Finance II (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT301 - Management Skills for Supervisors (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT450 - Project Management (45 hours; 3 credits)

MGMT453 - Project Management Seminar (Information Technology Specialization) (15 hours; 1 credit)

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Northern Lights College

Öğrenim seçenekleri

Full Time (4 sömestr)

Okul ücreti
CAN $295.05 per credit
Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Eylül 2020


Fort St. John Campus

9820-120 Avenue,


British Columbia (BC),

V1J 6K1, Canada

Giriş koşulları

Türkiye gelen öğrenciler için

Applicants must provide official transcripts demonstrating successful completion of, at minimum, a three-year degree. Other English Language Requirements: TOEFL computer-based test (CBT) scores of 213.

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

Graduation from a B.C. secondary school, or

Completion of standing equivalent to graduation from a B.C. secondary school, or

Deficient in no more than two courses from a B.C. secondary school graduation, which, if available, must be completed while attending College, or

For certain programs, acceptable by special arrangement in view of the applicant’s experience, maturity, or ability.

International students must have documentation demonstrating the following English Requirement: An IELTS with an overall score of 6.0 or higher with no band less than 6.0. Students with a writing band of 6.0 or less are required to complete English 099 with a "B" grade or higher before or during the first semester of their program. The necessity for upgrading can extend the length of the program.