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The Department of Safety Science and Engineering of the University of Science and Technology of China was established in 2004. It is currently the deputy director of the National Safety Engineering Teaching Steering Committee. From 2004 to 2014, Prof. Fan Weicheng , Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering , served as the dean of the first department. Professor Zhang Heping , the winner of the National Talent Program , served as the deputy director of the department; from year to year, Professor Hu Yuan served as the department. Director, Professor Wang Qingsong is the deputy director of the department.

The department is equipped with undergraduate majors in safety engineering, safety technology and engineering. It has the right to grant master's and doctoral degrees. It is the key construction discipline of the National “Ninth Five-Year Plan”, “Tenth Five-Year Plan” and “Eleventh Five-Year Plan”. Safety Technology and Engineering was awarded the National Key (Cultivation) discipline in 2007. He has won the first prize, the second prize of the national teaching achievement and the special prize and the first prize of Anhui Province teaching achievements.

Since the preparatory construction, the department has achieved outstanding achievements in talent training and socially recognized superior position in safety disciplines, and has become an important base for creating outstanding talents in the field of safety science and engineering.

Training objectives

The Department of Safety Science and Engineering has a broad mathematical foundation, proficient in foreign languages, computers and modern thermal safety, can engage in the mechanism, simulation and simulation of thermal disaster processes, intelligent thermal safety engineering technology and system research, thermal safety performance. Senior professionals in design, assessment and management.

The department has a complete teaching system, students can get good modern safety technology knowledge and extended experimental training. The department has always attached importance to the basic theory of safety technology, emphasizing the combination of science and technology, focusing on the training and development of safety science theory and frontier areas of safety and high technology.


Students in the Department of Safety Science and Engineering will receive a bachelor's degree in engineering after graduation. Since the establishment of this major, more than 70% of undergraduate graduates have continued their studies in prestigious universities at home and abroad, and the success rate of applying for study abroad is over 90%. The proportion of undergraduate students studying in 2011 was 83%, of which the proportion of students studying abroad was 31% (application success rate was 100%). According to the employment data, the graduates of our department are employed in a wide range of fields, mainly in disaster prevention, safety design, risk assessment, energy utilization, architectural design, environmental protection, financial insurance and other related fields of higher education and research institutions. Government agencies, institutions, and large enterprises are engaged in management, design, and research and development, and the employment rate has reached 100%.

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School of Engineering Science

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Full Time (3 - 4 YEARS)

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¥35,000.00 (TRY 31,938) Yıllık
Insurance fee: RMB 800 per academic year
Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Eylül 2020


University of Science and Technology of China

No.96, JinZhai Road,

Baohe District,



230026, China

Giriş koşulları

Türkiye gelen öğrenciler için

Notarized photocopies of Master’s degree certificate, transcripts for Master’s degree education, Bachelor’s degree certificate and transcripts for Bachelor’s degree education; applicants who will be graduating and obtaining Master’s degree certificate before July 2014 should provide Pre-graduation Certificate issued by the university (original Master’s degree certificate, transcripts for Master’s degree education, Bachelor’s degree certificate and transcripts for Bachelor’s degree education are required on registration if get admission).

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

  • Non-Chinese citizens, physically and mentally healthy, and no more than 45 years old
  • Master’s degree holder (equivalent to Master’s degree in China)