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Two subjects are also combined in Master's teacher training studies. The combination possibilities for the teacher training subjects are identical with those in the corresponding Bachelor courses of study.

Master's teacher training studies includes not only the two subjects but other elements as well:

  • Educational studies
  • Practical semester
  • German for School Students with an Immigration Background (DSSZ)
  • "Faszination Technik“ Concept

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RWTH Aachen University

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Full Time (4 sömestr)

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There are no tuition fees, but must pay a student body and social contribution fee, which include the cost of the Semester Ticket. The exact amount varies each year, but on average it is about 260 Euros per semester. The entire cost of studies and life in Aachen, including rent, insurance, livelihood, etc, are on average at least 800 Euros per month or 9,600 Euros per year.
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RWTH Aachen University

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The most important requirement for applying to Master's studies is an initial qualifying university degree. Individuals who have never completed university studies before cannot begin with Master's studies. Furthermore, most of the Master courses of study at RWTH Aachen are consecutive. This means that the Bachelor degree provides the subject background and preparation for the Master. Other English language requirements: Certificate of Advanced English, CAE for short, First Certificate in English, FCE for short, with a grade of at least B, Any official certificate that certifies English language skills at level B2 of the Common European Frame of Reference for Languages, CEFR, Placement test of the RWTH Aachen Language Center at the B2 level.

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General Language Requirements
In order to be admitted to teaching practice students must provide documentation of skills in two foreign languages. The university entrance qualification typically fulfills this. Students, who did not learn German as a native speaker and acquired their university entrance qualification in German, only need to submit proof of knowledge of one additional language.

Special Language Requirements
This program is offered primarily in English. When enrolling, students must provide proof of English skills at the B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, GeR for short. This proof can include, for example, submission of a German Abitur certificate. The certificate must show that English was taken through to the end of Qualifikationsstufe 1, that is year 11 for the G8-Abitur, otherwise year 12, as either a basic or advanced class and was completed with at least sufficient performance.

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