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Taught exclusively in English, this 4-year program offers doctorates in Dental Science and Science. Doctorates in Dental Science are awarded to students equipped with sufficient knowledge and skills to carry out research in the field of dentistry, while Doctorates in Science are awarded to students engaged in advanced scientific research related to dental science with knowledge and skills applicable to other cutting-edge research. Two major research projects are currently underway in our School, namely Dental and Craniofacial Morphogenesis and Tissue Regeneration and Oral Health Science. Our students are expected to play a role in either or both of these projects to promote Health Through Oral Health. With the knowledge, experience, and technical expertise acquired in the four years of study, our graduates are expected to be a driving force behind new discoveries and innovations in dentistry.

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Graduate School of Dental Science

Öğrenim seçenekleri

Full Time (4 yıl)

Okul ücreti
¥535,800.00 (TRY 34,130) Yıllık
Application Fee: ¥30,000; Enrollment Fee: ¥282,000
Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Ekim 2020


Kyushu University

Ito Campus,

744 Motooka Nishi-ku,


Northern Kyushu,

819-0395, Japan

Giriş koşulları

Türkiye gelen öğrenciler için

Applicants must meet one of the following conditions: Persons who hold a degree equivalent to a Master's degree or a Professional degree from an accredited institution outside of Japan, or who will obtain one by March 31, 2016, Persons who have completed their formal education by taking a correspondence course through a non-Japanese university while residing in Japan, and hold a degree equivalent to a Master's degree or a professional degree, or who will obtain one by March 31, 2016, Persons who have earned a degree from a graduate program at an educational institution in a country outside of Japan, which has been assessed by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan to be equivalent to a graduate program in the education system of Japan, or who will earn one by March 31, 2016.

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

Students must meet the following requirements:

All applicants are expected to have completed a Masters degree before entering the Ph.D. program.

Graduates who have completed an 18-year curriculum education in a foreign country (major in Dentistry, Medical Science or Veterinary Medicine).

Applicants who have completed a 16-year curriculum education and have 2 years of research experience at a university or research institution, and whose research is evaluated by the faculty as having the same qualifications as an applicant in Dentistry, Medical Science or Veterinary Medicine.

Those who have received, or are expected to receive a bachelor’s degree or a degree equivalent to the bachelor’s by September 30, 2017 by completing a 5-year course or longer at a foreign university or other foreign schools.

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