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The Central Asian Studies program addresses the languages and cultures of Central Asia. Central Asia encompasses both Islamic and Buddhist regions and cultures in inner Asia.

The Central Asian Studies program in Bern focuses on the Buddhist regions of Central Asia. The Bachelor program (BA) therefore provides students with basic knowledge about the social, cultural and religious history of Tibet and Mongolia up to and including the present, and also offers language instruction in Classical Tibetan or Uiguro-Mongolian script. Languages skills are intensified in the Master program (MA) and supplemented with the study of a second language from the region (Tibetan, Mongolian, Chinese, Persian, Uighur, and Uzbek etc.). During the Master program, students are also introduced to current scholarly debates and encouraged to develop and critically evaluate their own points of view.

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Faculty of Humanities

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Full Time (4 sömestr)

Okul ücreti
Fr1,500.00 (TRY 11,445) Yıllık
CHF 750 per semester
Başlangıç tarihi

14 Eylül 2020


University of Bern

Hochschulstrasse 4,



3012, Switzerland

Giriş koşulları

Türkiye gelen öğrenciler için

Applicants holding foreign university degrees can be admitted without restriction to all degree courses as long as they hold a recognized university degree at bachelor, master, or licentiate level (minimum duration of study: 3 years full-time). A university degree is only considered acceptable if it was acquired as part of a successfully completed academic degree course at a state or state-recognized university.

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

The following academic qualifications are required for admission to the Master program in Central Asian Studies (major):

a) Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a major in Science of Religion and an empirical focus on Buddhist Central Asia

b) Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a major in one of the following branches of study: Tibetology, Mongolian Studies, Central Asian Studies

c) Bachelor's degree from a recognized university with a major in another subject, provided additional coursework for a maximum of 60 ECTS credits is completed as one of the requirements for successfully completing the Master program, and that the student can demonstrate proficiency in a Central Asian language.

Language proficiency

Applicants for the Master program must produce proof of language proficiency (degree from a university or equivalent institution) in one of the languages below, or, if the applicant is a native Mongolian or Tibetan speaker, he or she must successfully complete a four-hour examination:

Languages: Tibetan, Mongolian, Chinese, Uighur, Uzbek and other Central Asian Turkic languages as an academic language for research: Reading ability in Russian

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