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The Master’s Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F) offers a high-quality graduate education combining theory and quantitative methods. Building on a set of core courses, students choose from numerous electives to specialise in economics, finance or econometrics. The MiQE/F prepares students for ambitious careers requiring a deep understanding of economics and finance, combined with a rigorous competence in quantitative methods. This combination provides MiQE/F graduates with a competitive advantage on the job market and offers access to highly selective Ph.D. programmes worldwide.

The Master in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQEF) provides extensive training in econometric and quantitative methods and a strong specialisation in finance.

The MiQEF course is designed to offer an in-depth education in economics, which equips our students to tackle the complexities of the global economy in a unique manner.

It is often the case that economists lack a good education in quantitative methods and statisticians lack the necessary background in economics or finance. But due to growing complexity of the global economy:

competition is leading to increasing reliance on quantitative methods for analysing and forecasting business, sales and other economic trends.
quantitative methods are now an essential tool in scientific research.

Individual study profile
Students enjoy great opportunities to tailor their own individual study profile. A defining characteristic of the MiQEF is the extensive training in mathematical, statistical and econometric methods for quantitative analysis in economics and finance. This is a distinct advantage in the job market for careers demanding strong quantitative skills.

Large menu of courses
Students can individually choose from a large menu of courses (including courses from other programmes, if they are offered in English). By selecting courses from the menu of core electives and free electives, students can specialise in one or more of the following fields. The three optional specialisation areas can also be flexibly combined:

Quantitative economics
Quantitative finance
Corporate finance, banking and insurance

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School of Economics and Political Science (SEPS-HSG)

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Full Time (1.5 yıl)

Okul ücreti
Fr6,652.00 (TRY 38,599) Yıllık
CHF 3,326 per semester; Enrolment and admin fee/matriculation fee: CHF 250; non-refundable.
Başlangıç tarihi

16 Eylül 2019


University of St. Gallen (HSG)

Dufourstrasse 50,


St. Gallen,

9000, Switzerland

Giriş koşulları

Türkiye gelen öğrenciler için

Admission to our Master’s programmes requires that applicants hold a Bachelor’s degree in a related subject or a consecutive university-level Master’s degree. Other English language requirement: Cambridge Advanced Certificate (CAE).

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

If you have one of the following degrees from a recognised university (not university of applied sciences) or complete one before your chosen degree programme starts, then you can apply for this Master's programme:

University Bachelor's degree in a similar subject to Economics
A degree is considered to be similar if at least 60 ECTS credit points have been awarded in economic subjects.
Consecutive university Master's degree in another discipline
Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes must have been completed in the same discipline (consecutively) and amount to at least 270 ECTS credit points together.

Evidence of linguistic proficiency:

When you apply, you must prove that your proficiency in the English language, used as the language of instruction, is at level C1 (CEFR). The University of St. Gallen accepts the following as proof:

English as native tongue (= language of instruction at primary and secondary school)
recognised Bachelor's degree programme completed in English
evidence of linguistic proficiency in English at level C1 (CEFR) gained during the Bachelor's studies at the University of St. Gallen
recognised language diploma at level C1 (CEFR), such as the IELTS Academic Score 7.0 (valid for two years), Cambridge Advanced Certificate (valid for five years)
TOEFL Internet-based Test (iBT) with at least 100 points (valid for two years). You need to state the University of St. Gallen's institution code when taking the test: 7202