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Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) provides significant cultural and economic contribution to the UK through games, films, TV, advertising and visualisation, and these companies are always looking for new talent. Graduates from these courses can have exciting opportunities to work on the highest grossing films and games, the funniest and cleverest adverts and some of the most creative commercial artwork around at the moment. In 2015, Bournemouth was recognised as the fastest growing digital economy in the UK, making Bournemouth & Poole College a great place to study CGI. Our 3D CGI programme has been training students and preparing them for industry since 2002.We offer a solid base of 3D skills and you don’t need any previous experience of 3D.Our assessment is all coursework based and we operate in a studio environment with small groups of typically 12-15 students. Art is taught throughout, whatever your level, to encourage creativity and visual communication. There is an individual project element to every year which helps you build a good portfolio for future interviews. This 3D CGI course is intended for students who wish to make 3D visualisations and animations of characters, architecture, game environments and virtual set extensions for films. It includes modelling and animation techniques, texturing, lighting, rendering and post-production for stills and movies. This is a popular course providing a good set of essentials skills and where graduates are highly sought by relevant industries and often acquire employment with our various industry partners.Our Industry Partners are heavily involved in the course, providing some of our assignment briefs, feedback on presentation panels and guest lectures as well as being influential in the design and development of the course content. This means you get the most up-to-date career-relevant input possible. We offer excellent facilities with 5 hi-spec computer suites with the latest versions of industry standard software and cutting edge resources including two inertial motion capture suits, a hand-held 3D laser scanner, photogrammetry equipment, a green studio and 340-core render farm – all of which are incorporated in our coursework and available to students for use in projects.In order for us to make an informed decision, as part of your application you may be asked for examples or a link to your portfolio of work.

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Information Technology and Digital Media

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19 Eylül 2023


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