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Delivered at our Lackham campus, the central hub for most businesses is the office which often is the first ‘port of call’ for visitors, goods and correspondence. This is where direction and control initially take place, links up with all business type activities (Accounting, Finance, HR, Marketing and Management) and is an integral part of all elements of running a business.Processing of information and presenting it in a format that is easily understood will aid management and the effective planning of the business. The importance of business administration and the people who conduct this operation cannot be underestimated.During your time on the course, you will be directed to carry out additional reading and other appropriate tasks alongside your time in the classroom and you should expect to spend additional time on your studies. An overall interest in agriculture and the rural business administration industry will assist in the content and assessments on this course.There are no examinations planned for this course and this course will be delivered over two full days of study per week over two years at Lackham.

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Full Time (2 yıl)

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SN15 2NY, England

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