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Artificial Intelligence (AI), where machines simulate human intelligence, is a growing industry. The government, and employers across sectors, recognises just how important it is to our future.But what is Artificial Intelligence actually capable of? How do we design and build effective systems? Who decides what robots should and shouldn’t be able to do? Join us at BNU to answer tough questions and develop the technical and professional know-how you need to start a career in this fascinating field.**Why study this subject?**Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming industry – and the world we live in. Experts are applying their skills to improve care in hospitals, control robots in space, help companies understand buying habits, and more. By 2035, it’s predicted that AI activity could be worth an impressive £630 billion in the UK.**Why study at Buckinghamshire New University?**We’ve created our BSc (Hons) Artificial Intelligence (AI) degree to help you design and programme systems capable of solving real-world challenges.It doesn’t matter if you haven’t studied computing before – we’re looking for students who want to be at the forefront of the developments in technology that will shape society in the very near future.On this course, you can:- explore areas that underpin AI including machine learning, artificial neural networks, and data analysis- develop your practical skills using industry tools, including MATLAB and Jason- learn from our teaching team who are experts in a range of AI and computing areas and who specialise in different areas, from language learning to robotics- examine AI from an ethical perspective and debate the challenges posed by AI innovations so as to identify the benefits and positive opportunities of AI developments.At the beginning of the course, you’ll cover the fundamental areas of computing, including systems, programming, analysis and design. Then you’ll start to specialise in AI, exploring the basics, its history and philosophy, and what it can and can’t do.**What will I study?**In our lecture theatre and labs, you’ll gradually learn, practice and develop skills in machine learning and artificial neural networks, data analysis, fuzzy and expert systems. But AI is also underpinned by mathematics, logic, philosophy, cognitive psychology, linguistics and sociology, so you’ll explore these areas too.As you move into your second year, you’ll start looking at AI in more depth and understand how machines search, reason and problem solve. At the same time, we’ll also explain the role of classical logic in machine intelligence, algorithms to search state spaces, and natural language processing systems.In workshops, you’ll work as part of a team to build AI machines – whether these are in the form of Expert Systems, Intelligent Agents or robots. You’ll also become confident using a range of AI-related tools and techniques including MATLAB and Jason with AgentSpeak.In your final year, you’ll explore rule-based and data-driven approaches to AI, and we’ll give you the chance to pick from a range of optional modules to customise your degree to your preferred career choices.You’ll apply everything you’ve learnt to a final project – what it’s about is entirely up to you. We’ll ask you to carry out background research, write a report and build your own piece of software.**What are my career prospects?** AI is infiltrating our everyday life and is key to solving many challenges that different sectors face. After studying at BNU, you’ll be ready for a range of AI roles, such as:- machine learning engineer – build and manage platforms for machine learning projects- business intelligence developer – design, model, and maintain complex data in cloud-based data platforms- artificial Intelligence architect – provide AI

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School of Business and Law

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Full Time (3 yıl)

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£14,250.00 (TRY 301,843) Yıllık
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Başlangıç tarihi

19 Eylül 2022


Buckinghamshire New University

Queen Alexandra Road,

High Wycombe,


HP11 2JZ, England

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Students require successful completion of a High School Diploma with GPA above 2.8, plus one of the following: SAT with a minimum of 1100 overall, and a minimum of 550 from Evidence Based Reading and Writing, and Mathematics; Minimum of 3 APs with grades above 3. International students with IELTS 6.0 (5.5) or below will have to undertake an enhanced curriculum in addition to the advertised programme.

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