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This degree will offer a comprehensive and interdisciplinary perspective on the biochemistry of life in its broadest sense. The rapid development of Biochemistry now gives us unparalleled insight into the normal functioning of biological systems and the root cause of many diseases. Informed by chemistry but not dominated by that subject, biochemistry guides our understanding of how biology operates at the level of molecules and cells and hence how infection, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative processes arise and how they can be alleviated. These are already major societal challenges but are set to grow in importance in the years ahead. With a detailed understanding of biology at its most fundamental level, graduate biochemists progress to work in the health sector, the pharmaceutical industry, and with skills in analysis, may also enter careers in the food and drink sectors.

This course offers genetics, protein biochemistry, cell biology, metabolism and its regulation, the molecular pathology of a range of disease states, and the analytical technologies that make this understanding possible. As a practical subject, laboratory activities will be integral to this developing understanding: as a fast-moving area of science, engagement with current research across range of disciplinary areas will also be important. In your final year of study, you will engage with the research process as an independent investigator, bringing together the comprehensive understanding gained from the course to focus upon a research question of your choice. With support from the University’s careers and placements team, the skills and experience derived from this course should be readily transferable to graduate level employment across a range of sectors.

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Biomedical Science

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Full Time (3 yıl)

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£12,750.00 (TRY 94,722) Yıllık
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14 Eylül 2020


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Lord Mayor's Walk,


YO31 7EX, England

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Students should have High School Diploma plus SATS with 3.0 GPA or higher and one of the following: 1180 in the SAT, or 2 APs with a 3 or higher, or at least 24 in the ACT.

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