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On this criminology with psychology course, you will develop a solid grounding in the analysis of crime, criminal behaviour and the criminal justice system.

You will leave the course with a sound understanding of criminology and the psychology of offenders.

Work-based learning is a highly effective way to develop your thinking and practical skills and we offer opportunities at every level of this course which will enhance your chance of finding relevant graduate employment.

In addition, we offer an opportunity to travel to America, where you will visit criminal justice institutions and agencies. Our aim is to help you develop your transferable skills as well as subject-specific knowledge.

On this course you will develop your ability to:

  • acquire and analyse information
  • devise and sustain arguments
  • evaluate assumptions, abstract concepts and data
  • solve problems
  • manage your own learning
  • take personal responsibility and have confidence in your own initiative
  • initiate and carry out projects
  • communicate information, ideas and problems to specialists and non-specialists alike.

With this combination of practical experience, academic insight and soft skills, you will be prepared to start your new career.

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School of Human and Social Sciences

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