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The BA(Econ) course is an interdisciplinary course that allows you to not only specialise in Economics, but also supplement with other social science subjects such as philosophy, politics and sociology.You have the flexibility to delve into technical units in Economics such as Econometrics and Mathematical Economics or combine Economics units covering inequality and climate change with social science units to develop a well-rounded understanding on social issues.The Development Studies pathway is taught by experts in Economics, Politics, Sociology, Social Anthropology, and Social Statistics, and the course offers a rich and coherent basis for understanding the processes and solutions to the problems of development.It is an interdisciplinary field of study concerned with the issues, problems and policy options facing the development world, such as:- inequality;- poverty; - hunger; - wellbeing.Data Analytics uses data, which can be numbers, text, sounds, images, memories or experiences; to study human behaviour and social environments.We use it to ask questions about business environments, the ways they function and their impact. You will be able to understand and apply central concepts in Data Analytics, including the theory and method involved in using quantitative data in social science research.You will also be able to take a critical approach to data sources and understand their strengths and weaknesses, and demonstrate to employers that you have skills in complex problem solving, research, and making sense of statistical information in the workplace.After your first year, you can switch to a different pathway should you discover interests in other social sciences.

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School of Social Sciences

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Practical skills are a crucial part of science education and therefore there will be a requirement to pass the practical element of any science A Level taken.Where applicants are applying for science and related degrees, this is likely to be made explicit in the offers you will receive. We require Grades AAA-ABB, including two of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Maths (the Hard Sciences). You must have a Grade A in at least one Hard Science and pass the practical assessments in these subjects. If your grades are AAB or higher, we will accept a Grade A in Geography, Psychology, Environmental Studies or PE in place of one of the Hard Sciences. Subjects with overlapping content are not normally considered as separate A-levels, e.g. Further Maths is not considered alongside Maths and Human Biology is not considered alongside Biology. General Studies is welcomed but not normally included as part of the offer. Your offer will be based on the above criteria as well as your predicted grades and past performance.Typical Contextual Offer: AAB-ABC (including specific subjects).

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