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Economics BSc (Hons)

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Study Economics for a constantly changing world. This degree offers you formal and rigorous training in economic theory and quantitative skills, and allows you to specialise in a key area of the modern economy.**Why study BSc Economics at Goldsmiths** - The BSc Economics degree offers you rigorous and relevant training in economic theory, economic history, modelling, coding, statistics, and econometrics with real-world applications. You will not only study advanced modules in econometrics and economic mathematics but also investigate broader empirical questions that explore the different uses of data within economics and the social sciences.- This degree is unique because it presents a pluralist view of the economy. We provide formal and rigorous training in Economics and its many schools of thought, giving you a wider variety of perspectives than you will find elsewhere.- We offer you an understanding of the real-world context of economics. So that you will be able to effectively use the economist’s toolbox to solve key problems in today’s economy.- You will learn in small groups and will be assigned a personal tutor during the three years of your undergraduate degree. Your tutor will meet regularly with you, follow your progress, and will be your first point of contact in our programme. - Economics at Goldsmiths is ranked 3rd in London and 20th across the UK by The Guardian’s 2021 guide to the best UK universities. London is the financial hub of the UK and you will have access to today’s best business leaders, economists, and policy practitioners. - Our pluralistic approach to Economics gives you the crucial skills in a competitive labour market. In recent surveys, employers said that on top of Economics graduates’ analytical skills, graduates need a more pluralistic approach to Economics. They would also welcome more awareness of economic history, of real-world contexts, and of the limitations of current economic models. They want economists to be able to better communicate their findings to non-specialists. Our degree provides exactly this mix of skills.- The BSc Economics degree gives you access to a wide range of jobs in consultancy, finance, data analysis, and government. Recent employers include Lloyds Bank, Deloitte, KPMG, CapGemini, Public Health England, Civil Service Fast Stream, Department for Transport. They also go on to postgraduate studies at top institutions in the UK and abroad.- To prepare for your future career, we run an array of activities to enhance your skills, networking, and job opportunities. These include mentorship schemes, competitive placements, CV and interview workshops, regular announcements about job opportunities at many companies in London, and staff members fully dedicated to your success in the job market.- Through the new UK Turing Scheme, you can spend half of your third year at a university in Europe. You will attend modules, experience a different culture and academic environment, and you will have the option of learning a foreign language.- You will be part of the Institute of Management Studies, a highly interdisciplinary department featuring academics researching not only in Economics and Political Economy but also in Consumer Theory, Management, Business Psychology, Strategy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Goldsmiths research community that you will come in contact with is in fact even larger and includes leading experts from Sociology, Psychology, Computing, Media Studies, History, Politics, Design and other departments teaching optional modules for our Economics degrees.- We are proud to be associated with the Goldsmiths’ Library of Economic Literature, which is the main collection in Economics literature in the Senate House Library.

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Institute of Management Studies (IMS)

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Full Time (3 yıl)

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25 Eylül 2023


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Goldsmiths, University of London,

New Cross,



SE14 6NW, England

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You should have one year's full-time (or two years' part-time) work experience (paid or voluntary) in a related field. In some cases it may be possible to admit applicants on the basis of practical experience alone, provided that evidence of this experience is presented at interview.

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