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Energy Engineering with Environmental Management BEng (Hons)

Birleşik Krallık


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As demand for sustainable energy sources grows, so does the demand for experienced energy engineering graduates, equipped with the latest knowledge of various energy technologies. This course is backed by the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR) and was established as a result of strong support from industry. These industry connections have shaped the design and delivery of our programme, keeping its content closely linked to the skills the industry requires. Students will benefit from an impressive professional network that will enrich the learning experience and set them apart from other graduates.

About This Course

Energy Engineering at UEA, with the addition of Environmental Management, provides a cross-disciplinary understanding of societal and environmental challenges. With optional modules like Environmental Politics and Policy Making, Climate Change: Science and Policy, and Modelling Environmental Processes, this course opens significant career pathways and produces graduates with highly specified and desirable skills. East Anglia is a significant region for energy engineering, and you’ll see the benefits of our connections with local industry from the very start of your three-year course. Our partnerships with major engineering companies encourage and promote innovation in our students. We also place a strong emphasis on ‘soft skills’, building your network through site visits and opportunities for short-term internships and placements. Past engagement activity has enabled our students to team up with Vattenfall and local government organisations to explain the benefits of wind power to younger members of the public. These types of activities are critical to the sector and to ensuring that we can deliver the engineers the energy industry needs. Our Energy Engineering courses are closely aligned to the needs of the sector. Our graduates are the engineers the energy industry needs immediately and for the future. Each of our engineering courses follows an integrated programme structure for the first year. This is designed to provide you with a broad insight into the incredible potential of engineering as a discipline. As well as developing a strong understanding of key principles in engineering, mechanics, electrical and electronics, students will explore more specialised energy topics from their second year. Throughout your course, you’ll have access to resources from UEA Schools like Environmental Sciences, Computing Sciences and Mathematics, so that your learning is limitless. As well as gaining a solid grounding in the foundations of engineering as a wider subject, you’ll be introduced to the specifics of energy engineering by practicing energy engineers. You will also have a range of optional modules to choose from, allowing you to tailor your degree programme to match your interests and ambitions. Examples of optional modules include Climate Change: Science and Policy and Solar Energy Engineering. You’ll graduate confident in your knowledge of renewable energy generation – wind turbines, micro-hydro schemes, nuclear power, biofuels and environmental management – and ready to pursue a successful career in the sector.

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School of Environmental Sciences

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Full Time (3 yıl)

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£24,400.00 (TRY 552,912) Yıllık
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Başlangıç tarihi

18 Eylül 2023


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University of East Anglia,



NR4 7TJ, England

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