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**Overview**How do we respond effectively to climate change? How should we manage our dwindling resources? How might we deal with population growth in cities and the challenges of more sustainable lifestyles? Learn to tackle today’s biggest global challenges, including climate change, resource management, urban change, health, migration and poverty. This degree is for you if have ambitions to address the adverse effects of human challenges such as inequality, and environmental challenges such as climate change, by learning more about the interaction of society and environment. It’s also ideal if you’re excited about taking part in field work, seminars and team projects with other students. **About This Course**Our BA Geography with a Placement Year focuses on the human impact of a changing world. As the world develops – whether through changing technology, politics, culture or climate – our understanding of it must change too, as well as our ways of living within it. You will explore some of humanity’s most pressing problems, such as energy, food and water provision, the maintenance of biodiversity and the search for environmental sustainability. You will enhance your studies and employability by spending your third year on an industrial work placement, giving you hands-on experience whilst developing your skills and knowledge. Throughout this course, you will gain the skills and knowledge to understand and investigate these challenges, with an emphasis on the geographical dimensions of societal change through the study of communities, cultures and their environment. The degree spans human and physical geography, but with an emphasis very much on the human side. You’ll develop a broad understanding of geographical concepts and issues, as well as how to formulate research questions, collect and interpret data, present results, and develop practical transferable skills. You’ll also take part in field work, and have the chance to work on group projects. During your first year, you will gain a solid understanding of the challenges facing the natural environment and human society. As the course progresses, you will have the opportunity to develop valuable practical experience through fieldwork, and to acquire specialist theoretical knowledge in such areas as biodiversity conservation and human society, climate change or environmental politics. You’ll have the chance to study with world-leading academics in cutting-edge facilities, and to take your pick from a wide variety of modules thanks to the diverse expertise in our departments. **Disclaimer**Course details are subject to change. You should always confirm the details on the provider’s website:

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School of Geography

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Full Time (4 yıl)

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£22,800.00 (TRY 416,058) Yıllık
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19 Eylül 2022


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University of East Anglia,



NR4 7TJ, England

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including grade A in Mathematics or ABB including grade A in Mathematics and grade B in Further Mathematics. Science A-Levels must include a pass in the practical element. Critical Thinking and General Studies are not accepted.

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University of East Anglia (UEA), Birleşik Krallık’ın canlı ve tarihi şehri Norwich’te bulunan seçkin bir Birleşik Krallık üniversitesidir.

  • Ülkede En İyi 30 Üni.’den biri (Times/Sunday T. ve CUG 2022)
  • Dünyada En İyi 200’den biri (THE Dünya Üni. Sıralaması 2022)
  • Alıntı Yapılan Araştırmalarda Dünyada İlk 50’den biri (2022)

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