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**Overview**On this degree you will learn how to work and make a difference on issues linking the environment and society at local and global scales. You’ll explore challenges such as environmental change, sustainable natural resource management, risk and response to environmental disasters, and unequal rights and access to the planet’s resources. You will learn how theory, policy, power and action can help improve equity and reconcile the tensions between environmental conservation and human development. You will gain a comprehensive understanding of topics such as climate change, food and water security, forests, and marine and biodiversity conservation. At the same time you’ll develop a comprehensive understanding of the links between the environment, questions of policy, people’s livelihoods and poverty reduction. You’ll be on one of very few courses in the UK that integrates social and natural sciences, whilst taking a broad interdisciplinary approach to the study of development issues. You’ll graduate well prepared to work in one of the many development fields linked to the environment, sustainable natural resource management and rural livelihood improvement. **About This Course**On this course you’ll study the key themes in environmental and natural resource management. How do we understand and measure environmental change? What do we mean by good environmental governance? How do we achieve both sustainable development and sustainable environmental management? How can our understanding of these areas influence environment and development policy, human rights and other elements that collectively determine the wellbeing of individuals and communities? Your studies will concentrate on natural resources and environmental issues in development, such as climate change, water security, environmental hazards, food security, coastal ecosystem management and forest conservation, biological diversity and sustainability. You’ll explore links between the environment, questions of policy, and people’s livelihoods and poverty reduction. You’ll learn about the current distribution of access to resources, services, opportunities, human rights and other elements that determine the wellbeing of individuals and communities. You’ll be taught by academic staff whose research is internationally renowned. We’re actively involved in research across the globe, working on most of the topics we teach with local counterparts and many national and international development agencies. **Disclaimer**Course details are subject to change. You should always confirm the details on the provider's website: ****

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School of International Development

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Full Time (3 yıl)

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£17,100.00 (TRY 316,315) Yıllık
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19 Eylül 2022


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University of East Anglia,



NR4 7TJ, England

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University of East Anglia (UEA), Birleşik Krallık’ın canlı ve tarihi şehri Norwich’te bulunan seçkin bir Birleşik Krallık üniversitesidir.

  • Ülkede En İyi 30 Üni.’den biri (Times/Sunday T. ve CUG 2022)
  • Dünyada En İyi 200’den biri (THE Dünya Üni. Sıralaması 2022)
  • Alıntı Yapılan Araştırmalarda Dünyada İlk 50’den biri (2022)

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