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International Year 1 - Psychology

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The International Year 1 (IY1), delivered at Bangor University International College (BUIC) provides an intensive combination of first year university subjects modules with extra study and English language skills. The IY1 is the first year of a three-year Bachelors degree.

At BUIC our programmes are taught in small class sizes and we are able to offer small-group teaching, extensive tutor interaction and feedback, and enhanced English language tuition. This will help you improve both your subject knowledge and university study skills before progressing onto Bangor University.

Upon successful completion of the IY1, you will continue to the second year of your chosen degree to study at Bangor University.

IY1 Psychology

Achieve a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology from Bangor University with this route. A psychology degree opens up a variety of career options, such as a professional psychologist as well as other disciplines such as healthcare, teaching, marketing, or management. Even if you decide to ultimately not join the world of psychology, the organisational, analytical, and research skills you gain will make you a high-quality candidate for many organisations. Additionally, it will help you learn about yourself and others.

You will study these modules:

• Research Methods
• English for University Learning
• Scientific Communication
• Behavioural Psychology
• Social Psychology
• Introduction to Psychology
• Biological Psychology
• Applied Psychology

Brief module descriptions
Research Methods

The aim of this module is to introduce students to the research methods and statistics used within the Psychology. Students will learn about using the correct scientific method for planning, undertaking and interpreting research. Areas covered include:

• Designing a research project
• Producing a literature review
• Quantitative and qualitative approaches to research
• Descriptive and inferential statistics
• Proficient use of statistical package SPSS in facilitating research
• Surveys and focus groups
• Hypothesis testing
• Ethical issues
• Seeing and understanding findings
• Creating reports to show findings

English for University Learning

Students will learn how to communicate and learn using academic English language. Topics covered will range from academic writing, reading for Higher Education (HE) study, llistening in the HE environment, speaking and listening in seminars and University study skills. The students will develop the confidence to use this language, which will help the rest of their pathways and further education.

Scientific Communication

This module teaches students how to communicate within a scientific setting in a clear and effective way, both in writing and verbally. They will study scientific texts and listen to lectures within their field and write summaries of what they learnt from this, providing opportunities to demonstrate their understanding of and ability to engage with scientific writing. Students will also be required to work in groups, discussing current Psychology topics.

Behavioural Psychology

Students consider the link between behaviour and the mind, conditioning and the interaction with the environment. What defines normal and abnormal behaviour and why behaviours are so difficult to influence or adjust are discussed. Additionally, this course reviews mental health problems, including stress, anomalistic psychology and the experience of the paranormal. Students also consider positive psychology and the science of happiness and well-being.

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