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- Liberal Arts invites you to bring your philosophical curiosity to a range of subjects- This course covers literary, artistic, cultural, scientific and political ideas and the issues surrounding them.- We believe important philosophical questions surrounding truth (God), the universe, human freedom and equality cannot be contained within separate academic disciplines.If you want to enhance your own critical thinking with breadth and depth alongside an academic interest in Sociology, our Liberal Arts and Sociology degree is for you. This course enables you to combine knowledge and understanding of society and global issues with an understanding of the philosophical and political principles that have shaped ancient and modern society and culture.Sociology is an ideal course if you have an inquiring mind and want to develop and enrich your 'sociological imagination'. It allows you to explore a range of sociological issues such as health, illness and disability, crime and deviance, sexuality, gender, migration, race, ethnicity and religion, youth, terrorism, war and climate change.This is a great course if you love to read and talk about ideas and their relevance to society and culture, and find pleasure in the challenge of reading and thinking. Liberal Arts has always understood educated individuals to be those people who understand their strengths and talents, who know their passions and aspirations, and who can live true to themselves. We will play our part in developing this sense of humanity in each of our students.

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Department of Education Studies and Liberal Arts

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Students need SAT I with a minimum balanced score of 1250. They will also need high school diploma with a good GPA. A combination of subject related AP and SAT II may also be eligible for entry into our undergraduate degrees. AP or SAT II scores will be a pre-requisite for entry into certain subjects.

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