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This unique and innovative MBA in Regenerative Food Systems equips entrepreneurial and strategically focused individuals with the skills to lead and drive sustained growth in the developing food sector. The programme focuses on connections between agri-food businesses, regenerative farming and hybrid production to promote environmental transformation.

Our MBA has been developed with embedded theoretical 'threads' linking all modules together to deliver a systems-based approach to circular economics and socio-environmental wellbeing. These 'threads' include entrepreneurialism, economic awareness, capability building, emerging business paradigms, environmental sustainability and ecosystem services framework.

Whether you want to operate nationally or internationally, as part of a larger organisation, within a SME or lead your own business start-up, this course will provide you will be skills to take you to the next level in your career development.

Who is the Course for?

This MBA is for those seeking a career in sustainable transformative food systems that are defined by principles for environmental sustainability, human well-being and circular economics embedded in policy and practice. This interdisciplinary course is designed to appeal to career changers as well as mature applicants looking to apply their current experience and expertise to specific issues in agri-food systems.

Businesses are seeking employees capable of evaluating risks and threats in business, and able to design and implement innovative, resilient and sustainable solutions to secure effective and efficient business enterprises in a changing world. With the food production sector being the UK's largest industrial category, the appeal from across this area for a course that marries theory to reality and allows it to be put into practice should appeal to many.

Career Prospects

The beauty of studying the MBA in Regenerative Food Systems is that it provides skills that can be applied in all sectors.

An understanding of business, the environment, marketing, finance, etc. is vital to gain insights into how the world works, why it is like it is and what future scenarios might emerge.

The MBA in Regenerative Food Systems has been designed to nurture your leadership skills and make you a better decision maker. Thus, the expected potential roles and destinations are varied – from the classic Writtle destinations - such as managers in the land-based sector, to blue chip global players, start-ups, SMEs, consulting and NGOs and the third sector. The skills that will be provided will find a welcome home in all industrial sectors. There is a growing demand for people with understanding of environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes in a wide range of areas from finance to the public sector.

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Full Time (1 yıl)

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£13,433.00 (TRY 255,041) Yıllık
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19 Eylül 2022


Writtle University College


CM1 3RR, England

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Candidates from the United Kingdom higher education sector will normally hold a first honours degree at 2.2 or above in a related subject (such as agriculture, horticulture, environmental sciences). Prospective students with a first honours degree in another discipline but with significant work experience in horticulture, agriculture or related areas will also be considered for entrance on the masters' programme. Applications from international students will be considered in line with Writtle University College's Admission Policy. International students will be expected to have achieved the equivalent of the minimum entry for UK students; qualifications and experience will be review by the Admissions Officer and assessed using UK NARIC criteria. Applications from European students will be guided by the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

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