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Midwives provide care and support to women and their families throughout pregnancy, during labour and for a short period after the baby’s birth. Offered in partnership with local NHS Foundation Trusts, the University of Bolton’s NMC-approved pre-registration BSc (Hons) Midwifery degree aims to give you the experience and skills to join this demanding yet rewarding career.

Course Details

The University of Bolton’s NMC-approved pre-registration BSc (Hons) Midwifery degree, offered in partnership with local NHS Foundation Trusts, offers you the skills and knowledge to support expectant mothers through pregnancy and childbirth. There is a shortage of qualified midwives in the UK, so career opportunities are excellent.

You’ll spend 50% of your time in midwifery practice learning experience at our partner trusts. The rest of your studies will be based at the University, increasing your theoretical understanding and practical knowledge in a way that complements and enhances your learning in the workplace. We’ll support you as you learn to care for women and their babies during the antenatal, perinatal and postnatal phases of the pregnancy and childbirth continuum, respecting their individual needs and choices, their cultural, social and religious backgrounds, and also taking into account the needs of their families and carers. We’ll work to prepare you to lead their care in a wide range of settings in the community and hospitals, and help you to gain expertise in health promotion and teaching parenting classes.

Together with our partner trusts, we’ll work to prepare you to become a confident, professional midwife, able to navigate, deliver and lead the care of women and their babies within an ever-changing health and social care environment. On successful completion of the midwifery qualification, you’ll possess the knowledge and skills you need to perform as an autonomous, highly competent, compassionate midwife who can be trusted to maintain professional standards and assure the protection of women, babies and their families and carers.

Career Opportunities

The role of a midwife is diverse and varied. A midwife is usually the main point of contact for the woman and her family during her pregnancy, throughout labour and in the period following the birth. Midwives also work with a wide range of health and social care professionals in order to support mothers and babies and navigate, develop, assess and evaluate individual programmes of care.

This course will support you to develop skills in team working and decision making, as well as enhance your ability to communicate well and clearly with a diverse group of individuals and manage difficult and stressful situations. As a graduate you’ll also have good observational skills, emotional intelligence, be able to use your initiative and manage your time effectively.

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Nursing and Midwifery

Öğrenim seçenekleri

Full Time (3 yıl)

Okul ücreti
£12,450.00 (TRY 236,377) Yıllık
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Başlangıç tarihi

Ocak 2023


University of Bolton Main Site, Greater Manchester

Deane Road,


BL3 5AB, England

Full Time (3 yıl)

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Bilgi mevcut değil
Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Nisan 2023


University of Bolton RAK Campus

Western International College (Opp. Higher College Of Technology),

Al Hudaiba - Bareraat PO Box 16038, Ras al Khaimah,


16038, United Kingdom

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