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**Why Warwick?**The University of Warwick is a world-leading university, born out of boldness, imagination and collaboration. We’ve built a strong reputation for upholding the highest academic and research standards.Today, more than 27,000 students thrive in a supportive, welcoming space where everything you need to study, live and have fun is close to hand. Explore what Warwick has to offer, and you’ll develop a skillset that sets you apart, and sets you up to succeed. What that success looks like is up to you.**The course**The BA Sociology degree will provide you with a strong base to understand how society and people have changed over time.With the study of social life at its heart, the scope of sociology is almost limitless. This course will introduce you to its broad subject matter, which encompasses family life, education, crime, work, war, religion, capitalism, power, love, the self, human-animal relations, art and the media, to name just a few.Sociology also has an abiding concern with the main markers of social difference in modern society – class, gender, race or ethnicity, age, sexuality and (dis)ability. You will explore how these often intersect in shaping the life chances and experiences of individuals. In addition to lectures, interactive seminars will add depth to your learning.

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Full Time (3 yıl)

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£22,280.00 (TRY 412,135) Yıllık
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Başlangıç tarihi

26 Eylül 2022


Main Site

Academic Office,

University Road,


CV4 7AL, England

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AAA / A*AB to include grade A in English Literature/English Language and Literature (combined) or History. You will also need one other Social Sciences/Humanities A level (see the subjects listed on our website).Offers exclude General Studies and Critical Thinking.

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