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**Course overview**- With a vital mix of professional communication and global commerce, this is language learning with an enterprising focus – paving the way for an international future.- Today’s global economy demands professionals who can work beyond borders. This course gives you the skills to do just that, with the advanced command of a foreign language coupled with business expertise. You’ll not only learn how to be a confident communicator in your chosen language, but also get to grips with a range of business topics, from marketing to management.- Crucially, you’ll explore your language’s national (or regional) and cultural context, looking at the wider cross-cultural issues facing any international business. With integrated placements throughout the course, not to mention a semester abroad, you’ll have the chance to put both your business knowledge and language skills to the test, all while you build valuable experience.- By the time you leave us, you’ll be ready to handle negotiations, give presentations and attend meetings – well-equipped for the day-to-day challenges of international business.- Combine advanced language skills with business acumen and understanding – the perfect mix for our global economy.**Why study with us**- Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Modern Language for International Business is ranked 5th in the UK with 92% of students satisfied with teaching (National Student Survey 2020)- The portfolio of languages we offer reflects the needs of UK businesses, according to the Languages for the Future Report.- Develop professional skills and experience on placements every year, including the chance to spend one semester abroad on a study or work placement.

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School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies

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Full Time (3 yıl)

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12 Eylül 2022


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PR1 2HE, England

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Students need to have High School Diploma plus SAT 1550 from 'Critical Reading', 'Math' and 'Writing' (before March 2016) OR SAT 1130 from 'Evidence Based Reading and Writing' and 'Math' (after March 2016) OR ACT Composite Score 22 and two SAT Subject Tests at 600 each OR Two Preferred Advanced Placements (APs) with grades 3, 3. OR (if no SAT or ACT) - Three SAT Subject Tests with grades 600 each OR Three Preferred Advanced Placements (APs) with grade 3, 3, 3.

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