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- Theology, Religion and Ethics achieved 100% overall satisfaction as rated by final-year undergraduate students in the 2019 National Student Survey- Examine theological arguments, ancient texts and ethical controversies and see how they link to current issues- Develop your skills as a writer, debater, and thinker- Learn from staff who are comfortable with big questions and know how to make their subject interesting- Widen your career horizons by working with a variety of organisations, or charities, through the What’s Next? module- Take part in regular screenings and discussions at the Department’s active student-led film societyOur Theology, Religion and Ethics programme deals with big questions of human existence. Why do we exist? Can we prove the existence of God? What is the role of religion in the contemporary world? How should we treat each other?You study these stimulating questions through the analysis and confrontation of texts, sacred and secular. In doing so, you learn how to think imaginatively about living faiths and intellectual reason, about life and death, and the nature of right and wrong. Whether you have a robust faith, or you are an ardent atheist, our degree helps you understand the complexity of the human condition.We want you to address the parts of our contemporary world that one wouldn't usually think to question. And to consider the ideas that underpin our history as a species.Although you study the historical origins of religions, you also explore religion as a lived cultural phenomenon. To help you do this, you examine how religious texts and practices are critiqued in contemporary culture. And you discuss the great thinkers of ethical philosophy, ancient and modern, and how their ideas relate to the issues we face in today’s globalised world.In studying theology, religion and ethics so closely, you grow as writers, debaters and thinkers. You also develop close skills in reading, critical argument and cultural literacy.The Foundation Year (first year of study) gives you the chance to commence your studies with us if you have not quite achieved the entry qualifications required or if you feel you would benefit from the opportunity to develop your study skills and subject knowledge prior to embarking on your degree. Through a range of engaging, small-group lessons and practical placements, you will be equipped with the academic, professional and personal skills to help you succeed at university. Modules will cover broad topics as well as an introduction to your chosen subject area. You will also have the opportunity to study alongside students undertaking a range of degree programmes.Year 1 (second year of study) is foundational and provides you with the basis for specialised study in Years 2 and 3. In Year 1, you are oriented in the core subject areas of theological tradition, ethics and religious studies. Core modules include Great Theological Minds, Ethics and Religion and Controversies in Biblical Studies. These develop study skills and enhance your confidence in critical writing and reading.In Years 2 (third year of study) and 3 (fourth year of study), you are able to build a profile of options to develop your own academic interests. These reflect the range of specialisms offered in the Department. Optional modules such as Bioethics and Theology, Gender, Sexuality and the Bible and Aspects of Islam encourage you to think about the way religious ideas and practices interact with the contemporary world.Some of our students arrive with destinations in mind, but others discover their vocation while they’re here. Graduates commonly find work as teachers, journalists, social workers and academics, or in the charity sector.Wherever you’re heading, we want to help you reach there. A degree that addresses wh

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Department of Theology, Religion and Philosophy

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Students need SAT I with a minimum balanced score of 1250. They will also need high school diploma with a good GPA. A combination of subject related AP and SAT II may also be eligible for entry into our undergraduate degrees. AP or SAT II scores will be a pre-requisite for entry into certain subjects.

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