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This programme equips graduates to work in a variety of roles in one of the global economy’s most significant industries.You will gain enhanced knowledge and understanding of key industry trends and best practice, increasing your ability to contribute to contemporary tourism-related developments and distinguishing you as a professional tourism industry contributor. Study abroad opportunities are available. Graduates pursue careers in the tourism sector including the hospitality industry, where opportunities exist in hotels and venue facilities management; conference and convention management; tourist attractions and leisure services including outdoor and countryside activities.Roles in tourism services include design, development and management of tourism products, services and entrepreneurial businesses. Graduates have also been employed in tourism marketing, research, development and tourism planning in local and international contexts.

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Business and Creative Industries

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Full Time (2 yıl)

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£14,500.00 (TRY 268,220) Yıllık
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Başlangıç tarihi

Eylül 2022


Paisley Campus

High Street,



PA1 2BE, Scotland

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