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The University of Pennsylvania offers a broad range of opportunities for students to learn about the diversity of biological systems. Our curriculum introduces students to the many ways of understanding the function and diversity of living organisms and to the increasingly important role of biology in the modern world. Major topics include genetics, molecular biology, cell biology, development, plant biology, vertebrate physiology, neurobiology, behavior, ecology, and evolution. Undergraduates interested in the biology major typically follow one of two introductory biology tracks. These introductory course(s) provide an overview of these areas through classroom and laboratory learning. Beyond the introductory courses, undergraduates have the opportunity to choose from a broad range of advanced biology courses.

The Biology department also offers a biology minor and a variety of courses for non-major undergraduates designed to help students understand modern biological techniques and how they influence human life on local and global scales.

Computational and Mathematical Biology

Computational and Mathematical Biology are important new areas in the biological sciences. Recognizing this, we have developed undergraduate concentrations in Computational and Mathematical Biology, a Computational Biology/Bioinformatics track in the Master's program in Biotechnology, and a graduate level program in Computational Biology.

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology concentration

The Concentration in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology provides intensive training in both ecology and evolutionary biology, along with essential background in the statistical and mathematical methods essential for these areas.

Mechanisms of Disease concentration

The Mechanisms of Disease concentration is a rigorous course of study requiring 18 classes beginning with BIOL 121 the Molecular Biology of Life. Advanced electives are selected from the fields of Microbes and Infectious Disease, Genetic Disease, Molecular Genetics and Genomics, and Biochemistry.

Molecular and Cell Biology concentration

The Molecular and Cell Biology Concentration is an integrated program that provides in-depth understanding of molecular biology, genetics, genomics, and cell biology.

Neurobiology concentration

The Neurobiology Concentration provides fundamental training in brain function and behavior, coupled with a molecular genetic background essential to address molecular mechanisms of brain function at the gene and protein levels.

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College of Arts and Sciences

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27 Ağustos 2019, 15 Ocak 2020, 1 Eylül 2020


College of Arts and Sciences

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International applicant should have completed a program of secondary education that would enable you to enter a university in your own country (e.g., A-levels, Abitur).

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