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Psychology is essentially the study of what makes us tick—the examination of mental processes and human behavior across the lifespan and across cultures. Suffolk’s approach to psychology is holistic: You’ll examine the neurological components of the brain and also study the way societies and circumstances cause different behaviors. Many majors go on to work as therapists and psychiatrists, but nearly every career requires psychological insight.

Unique Research Opportunities

Suffolk is known for an experiential, collaborative approach to learning. You’ll work closely with faculty members on research projects, gaining crucial analytical and communication skills that will be helpful in your career and in graduate school. You’ll have the chance to collaborate with a professor on an independent research project, where you’ll engage in the kind of intense library research and data collection often reserved for PhD students. By forging close relationships with your professors, you’ll gain both knowledge and allies in the field. Uniquely, Suffolk is home to a renowned Mental Health Counseling Master’s program and a respected psychology PhD program; you’ll be an active part of these thriving communities and have access to their resources.

An Interdisciplinary Approach

In addition to research work, you’ll be exposed to various facets of psychology including biology, cognition, abnormal behavior, and personality development through rigorous classroom work. You’re urged to apply these insights to other related disciplines by taking classes in law, education, gender studies, and social work. After all, while many majors go on to become therapists, psychiatrists, and psychologists, there’s absolutely no limit to what you can do with this degree—other graduates have pursued careers in fields like education, politics, and law.

Learning Objectives

Psychology students will be able to...

Describe key concepts, principles and overarching themes in psychology
Develop a working knowledge of psychology's content domain
Describe applications of psychology

Apply ethical standards to evaluate psychological science and practice

Establish and enhance interpersonal work relationships

Demonstrate effective scientific, persuasive, descriptive, and argumentative writing

Exhibit effective scientific, persuasive, descriptive and argumentative presentation skills

Demonstrate an ability to effectively interact with others on group projects and in classroom discussion

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College of Arts and Sciences

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Full Time (126 )

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US$41,242.00 (TRY 251,824) Yıllık

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Başlangıç tarihi

3 Eylül 2020, 19 Ocak 2021


College of Arts and Sciences

73 Tremont Street,



02108, United States

Giriş koşulları

Amerika gelen öğrenciler için

Students must have high school qualification.

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Students must have final high school transcript.

English language requirements

TOEFL or IELTS score (TOEFL minimum is a 79, IELTS a 6.5)

PTE-Academic with a minimum score of 54

Application deadline for fall is February 15 and spring is December 1.

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