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BA in Journalism and Professional Writing

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The Journalism and Professional Writing (JPW) curriculum provides intensive study in news and feature writing and editing, as well as corequisite training in ethics, media law, and multimedia/digital skills. JPW also offers two separate minors, one in Journalism and the other in Professional Writing. Any of these programs can be meaningfully combined with majors or minors in fields including communication studies, interactive multimedia, history, international studies, psychology, and marketing, among others.

The Journalism and Professional Writing major is interdisciplinary, so it offers a broad range of courses not only in writing but in other areas of study, allowing students to design programs appropriate to their goals and interests. JPW is excellent preparation for careers in journalism, professional writing, editing, publishing, communications, public relations, marketing, law, management, or any other occupation that requires superior written and oral communication skills. It also provides strong preparation for graduate and professional schools; many of our students go on to advanced study at universities across the country

JPW Program Entrance, Retention, and Exit Standards: Every major program at the College has set standards for allowing students to remain in that program, to transfer within the College from one program to another, and to graduate from a program. The following are the standards for Journalism and Professional Writing. Minimum grades are noted in parentheses.

Retention in the JPW major is based on the following performance standards in two “critical content” courses: JPW 208/Introduction to Journalism (C) and JPW 250/Writing for Interactive Media (C).

Students wishing to transfer into Journalism and Professional Writing from another program within the College are invited to submit an application and Change of Major form by September 15 for the Spring term and by February 15 for the Fall term. The application must include a 500-word essay about why you want to be a JPW major and why you will be successful in our program. It will be helpful to discuss your performance in JPW courses you have already taken, or the classes you look forward to taking the most. If JPW is going to be your second major, you should explain what you hope it will add to your studies. Also include a copy of your unofficial transcript, from PAWS.

Graduation requirements: all JPW and correlate courses (C-).

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School of the Arts and Communication

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Full Time (128 sömestr saati)

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US$28,286.00 (TRY 532,793) Yıllık
Please note this fee is for 2018 and subject to change in the coming year.
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Planlanan Mayıs, Ağustos 2023


School of the Arts and Communication

Music Building, The College of New Jersey,

2000 Pennington Rd,


New Jersey,

8628, United States

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Students must have completed high school qualification. English Language requirement: A minimum score of 80 is recommended for the Internet Based TOEFL exam and a score of 7 or higher is recommended for the IELTS.

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First-year applicants have or will have completed high school and have not attended any other universities in the past.

English language requirements: TOEFL or IELTS scores are required if English is not the applicant’s native language. A minimum score of 80 is recommended for the Internet Based TOEFL exam and a score of 7.0 or higher is recommended for the IELTS.

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