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Bachelor of Arts in Information Science and ESociety

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Convert your social media savvy into a satisfying career with a degree that examines how humans interact with social networks and information technologies. Information science and eSociety is a burgeoning field of study that reflects on issues related to privacy, ethics, information manipulation and the impact of social media on daily life. Students in this Bachelor of Arts program dissect social network theories, learn to think critically about information technologies, and endeavor to understand the behaviors and biases that underlie digitally mediated communication. They also make valuable professional connections at companies such as Creative Tribe, Hydrant, Caliber Group and IBM. With a fluency in the online environments of today and even tomorrow students are prepared for contemporary life and work in the 21st century.


- Students will know and demonstrate the ability to apply current theories of new media to information services such as social/digital marketing campaigns, online content development, and marketing research.

- Students will know when and how to communicate using a variety of digital and social media tools such as digital storytelling, social networks, and other means, creating programs and solutions in online digital environments that are effective, inclusive, and respectful of diverse people and groups.

- Students will apply their acquired knowledge of Information and Communication Technologies to explain current theories of the human behaviors, interactions, and biases that underlie digitally mediated communication.

- Students will demonstrate proficiency in information-age literacies including but not limited to: evaluation of information, privacy and security, information ethics, and technological literacy.

- Students will be able to recognize and analyze ethical and policy concerns raised by new technologies and will be able to apply ethical thinking to real world cases and craft effective solutions.

- Students will be able to identify and apply professional ethics and standards relevant to their career to aspirations.

- Students will demonstrate understanding of the use of information and communication technologies and the implications of such use, for example: scientific and social uses of information, and social, cultural, and economic implications of digital life and culture.

- Students will demonstrate facility using basic research methods, for example: research design; statistics and analysis; organization, identification, and location of data and information including open- and closed-access sources; and/or presentation of findings in oral, written and multi-media form, including proper use of and citation of sources.

- Students will acquire the skills, knowledge and self-understanding to communicate with and effectively work and interact across cultures and with diverse people and groups.

- Students will demonstrate knowledge of career and further education options and opportunities open to them relative to their plan of study and will set goals and make plans beyond their expected graduation.


  • Market research
  • Advertising
  • Digital media
  • Programming
  • Web administration

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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Öğrenim seçenekleri

Full Time (4 yıl)

Okul ücreti
US$36,600.00 (TRY 704,795) Yıllık
Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Ağustos 2023


INTO University of Arizona

1200 E University Blvd,



85721, United States

Online/Uzaktan (4 yıl)

Okul ücreti
US$15,000.00 (TRY 288,850) Yıllık
Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Ağustos, Ekim 2023

Giriş koşulları

Amerika gelen öğrenciler için

Academic requirements: 3.0 GPA or equivalent; Students must have high school equivalent to USA and entry requirements vary from country to country.

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

Academic requirements:
3.0 GPA or equivalent

Students must have high school equivalent to USA and entry requirements vary from country to country. International applicants whose primary language is not English, or who attended school in a non-English speaking country, regardless of citizenship, must prove English proficiency. English proficiency may be proven by one or more of the following:

TOEFL iBT - 70

IELTS - 6.0

Pearson Test of English (PTE) Academic - 53

IB (English A – Higher Level) - 5 or higher

Cambridge English Scale (C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency) - 169

Cambridge IGCSE, O Level or higher (English) - C or higher


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