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Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

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Philosophy deals with the kinds of questions that engage all reflective people, but which seemingly cannot be dealt with by any of the empirical sciences: Is everything material? Is human behavior determined or is free choice possible? Are there objective standards for deciding what is right and wrong, or is morality merely a subjective matter, a matter of individuals’ feelings? Is there a moral obligation to obey the law? Can we justify our claims to know anything? Can we objectively distinguish rational from irrational beliefs? How does language relate to the world?

The study of philosophy encourages rigorous and disciplined habits of mind. Because the major in philosophy emphasizes and enhances analytical skills, it is useful for the large number of careers that require these skills or as general humanistic training at the undergraduate level. Two concentrations within the major accommodate differences in student needs and interests and reflect the two central concerns of philosophy. (1) The Core Philosophy concentration is designed for students who seek thorough training in philosophy, either as a way of acquiring reasoning and analytical skills and mastering a discipline at the undergraduate level or as preparation for graduate study. (2) The Ethics and Public Policy concentration focuses on moral and legal problems confronting the community and on the responsibilities of various professions. It is intended for a wide variety of students, including those who plan careers in law, the public sector, or medicine.

Students with a bachelor’s degree in philosophy who are interested in pursuing a California Teaching Credential should contact the credential advisor in the Graduate School of Education as soon as possible.

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  • Ethics and Public Policy
  • Core Philosophy

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College of Letters and Science

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3 Nisan 2023


College of Letters and Science

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You are considered a freshman applicant if you have completed secondary school and have not enrolled at any college or university.

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You are considered a freshman applicant if you have completed secondary school and have not enrolled at any college or university.

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The minimum accepted score for admission consideration for the TOEFL is 80 or better on the Internet-based test and 550 or better on the paper-based test.

The minimum accepted score for the IELTS is 6.5 or better band score (academic modules).

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