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The Department prepares its students for advanced study and research as well as for careers in business, industry, government, and teaching. Students are encouraged to seek the advice of their faculty advisor in the selection of a concentration and elective courses that will best prepare them for their career choices.

Mathematics is the language of science and also plays a key role in many of the social sciences. An understanding of mathematics provides a powerful approach to solving problems through organization, simplification, and abstraction. In today's job market, individuals with highly developed analytical and problem-solving skills are in great demand. Therefore, there are numerous career options for students who choose to major in mathematics.

The Mathematics Department offers two majors. One is a Mathematics Major with three possible concentrations: Traditional, Secondary Education, and Statistics and Modeling. The other is Mathematics for Elementary Education: 1-6 which also requires a student to complete the Elementary Education Major.

Computer software is used in many courses. These programs include Maple, Geogebra, Sage, SPSS, Matlab, Geometer's Sketchpad, and DPGraph.

Mathematics Placement

All new students must take the math placement Arithmetic test followed by the math placement Elementary Algebra test. Students who score well on these two basic tests will take an Algebra II/Pre-Calculus test called the College Level Math test. To take a mathematics course at Worcester State University, a student must complete the placement test process prior to registration. Results will be used to determine appropriate course placement.

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Worcester State University

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Planlanan April 2023

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Worcester State University

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Giriş koşulları

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Student must complete a minimum of 17 college-preparatory courses (each course is equivalent to a year-long high school class) as outlined in the table below to be eligible for admission: English - 4 courses; Mathematics - 4 courses (Algebra I & II and Geometry or Trigonometry, or comparable course work) including mathematics during the final year of high school; Sciences - 3 courses (laboratory-based, including natural/physical sciences or technology/engineering); Social Sciences - 2 courses (including U.S history); Foreign Languages - 2 courses (in a single language); Electives - 2 courses.

Adequate Test of English Language Proficiency: This is required for all applicants whose native language is not English. It can be accomplished by submitting results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) (minimum required score: 71) or International English Language Testing System (IELTS) (minimum required score: 6.0).

Additional Accepted English Proficiency Exams: Pearson PTE (minimum required score: 50), DAAD (minimum required score: B2), EIKEN (minimum required score: Pre-1), and iTEP (minimum required score: 3.5).

Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average: We require a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA from the last institution you attended.

The application deadline for Fall Semester (September entrance) is Apr 01. No international applicants will be considered for the spring (January entrance) unless: You are currently enrolled in an ESL program in the U.S; You are currently attending a U.S. college or university; You currently have a visa status that legally allows you to change to F-1; You were accepted for a previous semester, but deferred attendance due to being refused a visa.

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