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Temple Law has always taken great pride in providing an excellent legal education which prepares its graduates for the challenges they will meet in practice. But globalization has significantly changed the nature of these challenges. Advances in telecommunications and transportation have created a demand for lawyers who can practice in a global environment. Multinational corporations have become the rule, rather than the exception, and the practice of law is no longer limited by national borders. Moreover, many of the most rapidly expanding areas of practice including the law of cyberspace, intellectual property and environmental law are inherently transnational. For all of these reasons, Temple’s faculty designed the Transnational Law curriculum to ensure that our graduates will have the skills and knowledge to compete successfully in the twenty-first century. Our graduates will be knowledgeable about international legal doctrines, adept at dealing with multiple legal systems, and familiar with other cultures.

This is not a concurrent degree, but J.D. students can earn partial credit towards the LL.M.

Because international law encompasses a wide range of practice areas from handling international commercial transactions for multi-national companies to documenting international human rights abuses, we believe it is important that each student have an opportunity to pursue a course of study most appropriate for his or her career goals. Therefore, we have created a flexible curriculum with a broad spectrum of courses to permit students to design the curriculum most appropriate for them.

Candidates for the LL.M. degree must complete a three-credit course in International Law plus 24 credits of advanced course work in international and comparative law, including one course in which a scholarly paper is produced. Some of these credits must be earned at one or more of our international campuses. All courses counted toward the degree must be completed within a four-year period. A grade point average of 2.5 is required to earn the degree.

LL.M. in Transnational Law

International Law

International Law is a required three-credit course that may be taken during the J.D. program or as an LL.M. course. LL.M. students who have not taken International Law during their J.D. studies are strongly encouraged to take this course as early as possible in their LL.M. studies. A student who has taken an introductory public international law course at another law school during his or her J.D. studies may apply for a waiver of this requirement.

Elective Courses

In designing their individualized course of study, students are encouraged to explore a variety of international practice areas and discuss their career goals with the faculty and administration. Degree candidates must complete 24 credits of elective courses. Temple’s faculty offers a breadth and depth of courses in comparative and international law that extends over three continents. The international law courses in Philadelphia and courses in Tokyo and Rome are indicative of the range of offerings available in a given year, although courses will vary somewhat by year at a particular campus, depending on faculty.

J.D./LL.M. in Transnational Law

The J.D./LL.M. Option is very popular with students who want to gain additional expertise in a specialized area of the law for a relatively small investment of time and money.

A Temple J.D. student may qualify for entry into the LL.M. program before graduation, and earn up to half of the required 24 credits for the LL.M. while still a J.D. student. The remaining credits required for the LL.M. degree can then be completed in one additional full-time semester or several part-time semesters in Philadelphia, Tokyo, Beijing or India, after satisfying the J.D. requirements.

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Beasley School of Law

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USD $1,100 per credit

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1 June 2022, 1 November 2022

Başlangıç tarihi

22 Ağustos 2022, 17 Ocak 2023


Beasley School of Law

1719 North Broad Street,



19122, United States

Giriş koşulları

Amerika gelen öğrenciler için

Applicants must hold a baccalaureate degree.

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To be eligible for the LL.M. in Transnational Law, students must have completed a first degree in law in English in a common law country.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall – June 1
  • Spring – November 1

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