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Join our Ph.D. Dental Science graduate program and share in the process of scientific discovery meeting exciting challenges in dental research. The School of Dentistry has an outstanding group of innovative research scientists in the areas of cardiology, period ontology, digital imaging, materials sciences, microbiology and immunology, bone research, oral facial genetics, proteolysis enzymes and cancer biology. Our graduates have been very successful in achieving their career objectives and have found independent, creative employment in research institutes, industry, government laboratories, colleges and universities.

Program Description

The Ph.D. in Dental Science (Preventive Dentistry, Oral Biology or Dental Biomaterials tracks) is focused on basic and clinical science areas as they relate to the human organism and on the effect of dental materials on cardiology, molecular biology and aetiology, and pathogenesis. Individuals with this type of training can be expected to pursue academic teaching and/or research positions in dental schools, medical schools and other basic science departments in addition to training that will be suitable for industrial research positions. Individuals with combined Ph.D. /D.D.S. training would be highly recruited to academic positions at Dental Schools. Our three Ph.D. tracks contain courses in biostatistics, research ethics, research communications and effective teaching methods. The two courses in biostatistics emphasize the important role of appropriate statistical methods used in biological research. The research ethics course addresses the importance of a strong ethical approach to the scientific method and human and animal research.

The degree requires 90 credit hours with 32-40 required course credits (depending on the choice of track) and 12 credits in a minor. Disciplines included in the program are anatomy, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, biostatistics, cell biology, chemistry, immunology, materials science engineering, mechanical engineering, microbiology, molecular biology, pathology, physics, and physiology.

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School of Dentistry

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Full Time (90 kredi saati)

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US$20,183.00 (TRY 273,075) Yıllık
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Planlanan Ocak, Ağustos 2022


Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

420 University Blvd,



46202, United States

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The program is open to persons who have earned the Doctor of Dental Surgery degree or its equivalent as well as graduates of bachelor of science degree programs. Applicants must have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or higher on a 4.0 scale (grade point averages from the dental degree in the case of dental school graduates). Candidates for the Ph.D. degree program must have a minimum percentile score on the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) of 55 percent in the verbal, quantitative, or analytical section. In addition, an acceptable TOEFL score must be obtained by applicants from non English-speaking countries, as follows: a score of 550 or higher on the paper-based test, 213 or higher on the computer-based test, or 79 or higher on the Internet-based test.

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