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The mission of the Physics Department at Truman State University is to support the liberal learning of all students at Truman State University by teaching well and by broadly espousing the notion that the pursuit of understanding in physics is worthwhile, interesting, and deeply satisfying; to support students whose primary field of study overlaps with physics (e.g., chemistry, biology, medicine, and mathematics); and to provide physics majors with the knowledge, skills, methods, and attitudes necessary to understand and engage professionally in inquiry into the nature and behavior of the physical world.

In order to serve this mission, the Physics program is designed to achieve the following general goals: 1) to help students appreciate and understand the process of science, in particular its ever-changing nature, the fact that it is a human endeavor, the back and forth between experiment and abstract reasoning, and the importance of internal consistency; 2) to stimulate lifelong, independent learning; 3) to awaken and nurture appreciation for the beauty of physics; and 4) to contribute to a realistic understanding of technology and its role in society.

Specifically, the Physics Department strives to provide an environment where all our students: 1) develop a broad and coherent knowledge of physics; 2) experience activities unique to scientific research; 3) develop positive work habits, including collaboration, self-discipline, high aspirations, responsibility and honesty; and 4) are prepared for success in graduate school, professional school, engineering school, or in the workforce.

This program offers a combination of degree programs from two institutions that allows a student to receive two related degrees typically in five years. The Dual Degree allows the student to earn a Physics (BA) from Truman and a Bachelor of Science in an engineering field from an engineering school (e.g., Rolla, MU, Iowa State, etc.). The advantages of this program are many. Students graduate from Truman possessing a strong background in physics and a broad liberal arts background. The engineering degree provides the depth and focus of an engineering discipline, and the expertise to be a professional in the technical world. Such a background gives flexibility and breadth, the ability to communicate well, and the capability to work independently and in challenging environments.

The BA in Physics is a typical “four-year” degree from Truman. It provides the strong liberal arts core, the solid foundation of physics, and a personalized 15-credit learning plan through which a student tailors his or her degree to suit future plans. Students must complete the Liberal Studies Program and all Truman graduation requirements. Engineering courses comprise the entirety of the BA learning plan. The Physics (BA) also requires at least nine credit hours of physics-related electives; up to six credit hours may be upper-level engineering courses taken at the engineering school. The Truman Residency Requirement for graduation is waived for students in this dual degree program.

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School of Science and Mathematics

Öğrenim seçenekleri

Full Time (5 yıl)

Okul ücreti
US$30,536.00 (TRY 472,840) Yıllık
Başvuru Tarihi

Planlanan June, November 2022

Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Ağustos 2022


School of Science and Mathematics

Magruder Hall 2004,

100 E. Normal Avenue,



63501, United States

Giriş koşulları

Amerika gelen öğrenciler için

Students must have official documents from all previous educational pursuits. This includes high schools, secondary schools, and universities.

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

Students must have official documents from all previous educational pursuits. This includes high schools, secondary schools, and universities.

A minimum score on one of the following English proficiency exams is required for admission:

TOEFL (550 paper-based, 213 computer-based, or 79 Internet-based)

IELTS (minimum 6.0)

Admission Deadlines: Fall Semester: June 1; Spring Semester: November 1.

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