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The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers a B.S. degree in three majors: mathematics, mathematics secondary education; and mathematics education for elementary, early childhood, deaf and hard of hearing, and special education.

The Mathematics major offers specializations in three areas: Applied Mathematics; Mathematics, and Statistics. In each of these programs, students are provided with a basic mathematical background which will be utilized in advanced study in one of these areas: Mathematics (Mathematics specialization): This program is built on taking a wide range of mathematics courses, including analysis and abstract algebra. Each student will develop a program, through advisement, of taking upper-level mathematics courses according to his/her own interests. These courses will reflect the student’s goals: to develop his/her knowledge and appreciation of mathematics, to prepare him/her for careers in mathematics, and/or prepare him/her for future graduate study.

Mathematics (Applied Mathematics specialization): The foundation of this program is based on differential equations and analysis. Students in this program have a great deal of flexibility in their choice of upper-level courses in order to allow students to pursue their interests in mathematics and statistics. This specialization prepares students to pursue careers in mathematics following graduation, and prepares students who wish to go on to graduate study in Applied Mathematics.

Mathematics (Statistics specialization): This program builds upon mathematical skills acquired in the freshman and sophomore years so that students become equipped with the knowledge necessary to enable them to apply advanced statistical techniques to a wide variety of real-life problems arising in application areas such as business, government, and research. Students are prepared to enter either graduate study or employment as a statistician.

Mathematics Secondary Education: In this program, students take mathematics and professional courses which prepare them to meet the educational requirements for the New Jersey certificate to teach mathematics K–12. Students participate in student teaching experiences in their senior year.

Mathematics Education–Elementary, Early Childhood, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and Special Education: In this program, students take mathematics and professional courses which prepare them to meet the educational requirements for the New Jersey certificate to teach in their respective education field. Students wishing to take the mathematics Praxis test could also be certified to teach mathematics K–12.

Students enrolled in this program spend three years at TCNJ in an approved major (Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, Philosophy, Physics, Economics, Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Science (mechanical or electrical emphasis), Math, Spanish or History) and four at NJMS. Engineering majors require earned college credit (by qualifying AP test scores or completing college courses) in: General Physics I and II, Calculus I and II. Upon successful completion of the first year of medical school, the student is granted the BS or BA degree in the chosen undergraduate major from TCNJ. The M.D. degree is then earned at the end of four years at NJMS.

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School of Science

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Full Time (128 sömestr saati)

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US$28,286.00 (TRY 382,709) Yıllık
USD $28,286 /year for Bachelor program; USD $10,986.03 for 9 or more credits per semester for master program. This is general fee for both bachelor and master degree and is offered as a guide. Please note this fee is for 2018 and subject to change in the coming year.
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Planlanan Ocak, Mayıs, Ağustos 2022


School of Science

Science Complex, P105, The College of New Jersey,

2000 Pennington Rd.,


New Jersey,

8628, United States

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First-year applicants have or will have completed high school and have not attended any other universities in the past.

English language requirements: TOEFL or IELTS scores are required if English is not the applicant’s native language. A minimum score of 80 is recommended for the Internet Based TOEFL exam and a score of 7.0 or higher is recommended for the IELTS.

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