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Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

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Studying at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences (BI) prepares international students for exciting careers anywhere in the world. It was set up to offer students education that will help them thrive in any culture or location. The university has strong ties with the BAU Global Education Network, which is made up of five other universities.


BI is a state-recognised and non-profit private German university. It’s located in the heart of the busy capital of Berlin. During their studies at BI, students will have plenty of opportunities for learning both in and outside their classes. They’ll leave ready for a career in their chosen field, with a global mindset that allows them to succeed almost anywhere.


The academic staff are committed to helping students shape their future and grow into better people. BI already has a strong reputation, thanks to its excellent cross-subject and cross-cultural education. It’s working towards becoming one of Germany’s leading private universities for international students.


Students won’t need to speak German to study at BI, as all programmes are taught in English. To make their studies even more multicultural, students can take part in study and internship exchanges, or Erasmus+ programmes. As part of the BAU Network, BI offers opportunities at its partner universities in Hong Kong, Istanbul, Washington D.C., Rome, Silicon Valley and Toronto.


There are many scholarships available for international students. The DAAD Prize, for example, is given to those who achieve something special during their studies.


Berlin International has two faculties: the Faculty of Design and the Faculty of Business Administration. There are seven undergraduate study programmes and three postgraduate programmes.


BI's campuses in Germany are intimate, welcoming, and accessible for all students. Students will have plenty of space to study and socialise. Additionally, some of the modules are completely online, meaning they can be completed at any time.


Berlin International makes sure all students are supported. Students can get support and guidance from specialist staff, including mental health, women’s affairs, and diversity officers. All students are encouraged to use the support as often as they need.


The Berlin International Alumni Association (BIAA) is a global community of graduates. 94 per cent of these ex-students found jobs within three months of graduating.


Discover more about studying at BI:


Teaching quality

Entry requirements

Scholarships & funding

University structure


Student support

Graduate outcomes


Teaching quality

The attractive bachelor’s and master’s degree courses give students the skills and global outlook they need to build a career. BI offers a focused range of courses and helps students study on their own terms to reach their goals.  


BI aspires to be one of the leading private universities in Germany in terms of intercultural and interdisciplinary teaching and applied research. The academic and administrative staff are committed to guiding students and preparing them for productive careers and responsible citizenship in the wider society. BI’s academic goals are commitment to knowledge-based solutions and societal problems as well as contributions to innovation and development in society.


The Teaching Award of BI aims to recognise outstanding commitment in the field of research-oriented teaching and to encourage the development of innovative teaching methods and formats. There are several different in-house awards voted for by teachers and students. As a result, the teaching quality at BI is strong.


Student and teaching feedback is important at BI. Student surveys are conducted every semester and year for each module and course. The feedback is collated and analysed to ensure student satisfaction and teaching is of the highest standard.


Entry requirements

Applying to university can be complicated, especially for international students. Thankfully, the BI admission process is simple and can be done online.


Undergraduates (those applying for a BA course) should check their course entry requirements before they apply. Postgraduates will need to apply directly for their chosen course using application forms. Students may also need to show work experience in the area or attend an interview before being accepted.


English Score Required

All programmes are taught in English, so students don’t need to understand German to be accepted.  If an applicant’s English language skills are at B2 level or above, BI will accept one of the following language test certificates and scores:


  • TOEFL ITP: 543
  • TOEFL IBT: 74
  • IELTS (Academic): 6.0 Overall
  • Cambridge FCE: B2
  • PTE Academic: 59
  • BI internal exam/ BAU ‘English Language Proficiency Exam: 60/100
  • IB Diploma: English A or B at HL or SL
  • German Abitur


If students haven’t completed high school in a majority English-speaking country, they’ll need to pass an approved language exam first.



The requirements vary from country to country. BI has summarised what students need from three of the most common education systems:



The German Academic Exchange Service provides an English language resource to help students work out if they’re eligible to study in Germany.


In some cases, students may need to acquire an additional qualification. This could be the German Studienkolleg or the first academic year of a Bachelor´s degree outside Germany. A 'Studienkolleg' is a course that prepares students for university. It bridges the gap between current qualifications and the qualifications required to enter a German university.


An alternative to the Studienkolleg would be to enrol at a university outside Germany and complete the first academic year of a Bachelor´s degree successfully. It is important that the university and programme are fully accredited and that students choose the same subject they intend to apply for at BI.


The average tuition fee per year for undergraduate courses costs EUR 7,920, while on-campus accommodation per year costs EUR 7,800.


Scholarships & funding

The BI Scholarship reduces bachelor’s students’ tuition fees for the whole academic year by 25 per cent. Applications can be made by incoming students in the first few weeks of their first term.


The Christian Wulff Scholarship covers 50 per cent of the tuition fee, starting from the time it is given to the end of regular studies. The scholarship is awarded to one BA or MA student for outstanding academic achievements within the BI community.


The DAAD Prize is awarded to international students at German universities who do something brilliant in their work as an academic, artist or entrepreneur. It comes with prize money of EUR 1,000.


The Stibet scholarship supports international students with living expenses in Germany. They’ll get at least EUR 250 per month over the course of six months. International students who have finished their first year of studies with excellent results are eligible to apply for this scholarship.


The PROMOS Scholarship programme supports students who want to spend a semester or internship outside the European Union. A half scholarship of at least EUR 350 per month is given to those who have excellent results from their completed first year. They’ll also need to have an agreement for an internship or study abroad course.


University structure

BI has two faculties, which are the Faculty of Design and the Faculty of Business Administration. Students who don’t quite meet the level for the English language certification can attend BI’s English Preparatory School before starting a course. All research activities at Berlin International are coordinated and supported by the Research Institute.


The Faculty of Business Administration offers study programmes in Business Administration and Digital Business & Management. BI also provides its students with career-orientated professional training and opportunities to learn about working in different cultures.


The Faculty of Design offers study programmes in graphic design & visual communication, interior design, product design, and architecture. All courses focus on building skills and knowledge that set students up for a bright future in a range of roles and cultures.



BI's campuses in Germany are intimate, welcoming and easily accessible to all students. Students have access to computer labs and cafeterias, and there are often events such as guest lectures and workshops. There are also welcome and farewell parties at the beginning and end of the semester, where students can make new friends.  


The campus has modern classrooms, computer labs, design studios and a group workroom. All teaching facilities are well-equipped with whiteboards and projectors, as well as sound equipment and internet access.


Lots of classes take place online, giving students the flexibility to study and work wherever they like. All study materials including module scripts are available on the MyCampus app. Additionally, some of the modules are completely online, meaning students have the freedom to decide when and where to complete them.


The Hans-Dieter Klingemann Library contains all academic information at Bl. The library collects the required information and makes accessible prints and digital literature for its students and faculty. The library also offers LibGuides, guided tours and tutorials, that help students and staff better identify the information they need from the library. Works produced by the staff and students at Berlin International can be found in the Hans-Dieter Klingemann Library.



BI’s campus can be found in Charlottenburg, in the heart of this exciting capital city. It’s also Berlin’s university district, meaning there are plenty of students in the area. BI doesn’t offer on-site accommodation. However, the city’s excellent public transport makes it easy to reach from all over Berlin. Choose to stay in the area, which has green parks, canals and delicious restaurants, or explore other parts of Berlin in your free time.


Student support

BI wants all students to feel supported. There are different places to access student support on topics including mental health, diversity and general student affairs. All students are encouraged to reach out and use these resources. Here are just some examples:


If a student isn’t sure what sort of support they need, they can speak to the Student Affairs Office. Specialist advisors will help with everything from questions about studies to general wellbeing worries.


The BI Career Centre helps students and alumni to fulfil their career goals and all students are urged to use the BI Career Centre to find out about job vacancies and career events, connect with companies, and take advantage of the BI Career Centre guidance.


Internship Officers focus on expanding existing connections and networks with the German and international labour market. Their role is to help students find internships and keep BI connected with local and international businesses.


The Mentoring Programme offers support for students new to the university and Berlin. Second- and third-year students act as mentors for first-year students, giving them a friendly point of contact at the university.

There are opportunities to work as Student Assistants for the different departments of BI. Marketing, Student Affairs, and all faculties are often looking for support during events or project weeks. Working as a student assistant helps students get a different kind of work experience, making them an even stronger graduate.


Graduate outcomes

The Berlin International Alumni Association (BIAA) is a global community. It’s made up of BI graduates, and every student can join. The network was set up to keep former students connected and help them carry on networking after graduation.


The network promotes information about career opportunities, jobs, internships, trade fairs and common interests. The BIAA regularly organises events, including an annual network meeting.


BI has an excellent rating based on current and past student feedback. Below are some statistics about BI graduates:


  • 94 per cent of BI graduates found jobs within three months of graduation.
  • 90 per cent of graduates were promoted in the first three years.
  • Graduates enjoyed a 10 per cent average salary increase per year.


Subjects you can study at Berlin International University of Applied Sciences

  • Mimarlık ve Yapı Mimarlık ve Yapı
  • Sosyal Calışmalar ve Medya Sosyal Calışmalar ve Medya
  • Yaratıcı Sanatlar ve Tasarım Yaratıcı Sanatlar ve Tasarım
  • İşletme ve Yönetim Çalışmaları İşletme ve Yönetim Çalışmaları

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