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Master of Science in Geology

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The Department offers a comprehensive program of courses coupled with appropriate thesis projects leading to the Master of Science in Geology. Within geology, students specialize in any of a number of sub-disciplines including environmental geochemistry, hydrogeology, marine geology, petrology, paleontology, petroleum geology, sedimentology, stratigraphy, structural and field geology, geophysics, and paleoclimatology.

Careers in Geology
What is Geology and What Do Geologists Do?

Geology (also known as Earth Science, Geoscience, and Earth Systems) includes the study of the solid earth, the hydrosphere, and the atmosphere. Geology is a field, multi-disciplinary science that integrates the principles of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics in the study of Earth processes and its' history. Geology deals with vast distances, deep time and nanoscale features and processes.

Geologists are scientific detectives who uncover the past, investigate the present and predict the future of Earth. For example, geologists determine where it is safe to live, where to find essential resources, how to deal with pollution and environmental changes, and how to remediate the damage to Earth.

Why Major in Geology or Earth Science?

Because of the importance of geology to the human condition, a famous historian named Durant wrote, "Civilization exists by geological consent, subject to change without notice." What do you know about planet Earth? Are you interested in global climate change, not only recently, but over the whole lifetime of Earth? Are you fascinated by earthquakes, climate change, dinosaurs, minerals and volcanoes? Do you wonder how our natural resources can be managed to provide a sustainable standard of living for our growing population?

Students who enjoy working and recreating outdoors, have a good scientific background, and are curious about how the world around them works will find this field a rewarding area of study!

Career Possibilities

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, "The need for energy, environmental protection, and responsible land and resource management is projected to spur demand for geoscientists in the future."

Well-paid career possibilities include: Geologist, Geophysicist, Geochemist, Hydrologist, Hydrogeologist, Mineralogist, Paleontologist, Seismologist, Soils Engineer, Stratigrapher, Environmental Consultant/Geologist, Engineering Geologist, Petroleum Geologist, Mineral Explorationist, Oceanographer, Teacher, Science Writer, and Interpreter/Ranger.

Your Future in Geology

Our department is relatively small and every student has a personal relationship with their instructors and with each other. This is strengthened by time together in the field and lab. Our staff works closely with each student to ensure that they meet the training standards for industry or continuing education. A graduate of our program will be prepared to join a workforce of public agencies, private enterprise or nonprofit institutions. Graduates will not only have gained a thorough understanding of geological fundamentals, but will also have learned how to communicate well and contribute as a collaborative team member. Our emphasis on field work and internships with local companies provides “hands-on” knowledge only gained by active involvement in professional development and research.

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College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Öğrenim seçenekleri

Full Time (30 kredi saati)

Okul ücreti
US$15,408.00 (TRY 290,224) Yıllık
Başvuru Tarihi

Planlanan February 2023

Başlangıç tarihi

Planlanan Ağustos 2023


College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Hall of Science (HSCI) building, Room 160,

California State University, Long Beach,



90840, United States

Giriş koşulları

Amerika gelen öğrenciler için

A Bachelor degree with minimum “B” (3.0) GPA overall

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

The basic requirement for admission to the graduate program is possession of a bachelor's degree or equivalent in geological sciences, or a closely related field.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL): Paper-based 550; Internet-based (iBT) 80

IELTS 6.0 each sub-section

Pearson Test of English 58

Deadline: February 15 and October 1

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