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Classical Studies (with Foundation Year) BA (Hons)

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- Classical Studies achieved 100% overall satisfaction as rated by final-year undergraduate students in the 2019 National Student Survey- Get out of the library on organised field trips to Fishbourne Roman Palace and the British Museum, and placements in art galleries and museums- Work with experts in the fields of Roman and Greek history, Classical literature and drama, and Roman and Greek art and archaeology- Cover a range of exciting topics from the Minoans and the Bronze Age to Murder in the Classical City, and from Roman Sport and Leisure through to the Classical inheritance of the early medieval world and beyondThe ancient Greek and Roman worlds have given us an extraordinarily rich heritage of culture, literature, politics, philosophy, art, architecture and archaeology as well as paving the way for democracy, modern day sewers, underfloor heating and the calendar. Whatever you aspire to become – and Classical Studies students have conquered most fields – an understanding of the classical past gives you a keen lens through which to view the modern world.Our BA in Classical Studies takes an innovative, multidisciplinary dive into this fascinating cultural and intellectual history. You gain a critical yet empathetic appreciation of different worldviews on a course that blends study of history, literature, drama, philosophy, archaeology, art and architecture. Knowledge of Classical languages is not required, but opportunities to learn and develop your language skills may be on offer.Our programme considers the reception of the Classical world from the medieval through to the modern world. You interact with the Classical world through field trips to Fishbourne Roman Palace and the British Museum, through modules in Neo-Classicism and through volunteer placement opportunities in the heritage sector.The Foundation Year (first year of study) gives you the chance to commence your studies with us if you have not quite achieved the entry qualifications required or if you feel you would benefit from the opportunity to develop your study skills and subject knowledge prior to embarking on your degree. Through a range of engaging, small-group lessons and practical placements, you will be equipped with the academic, professional and personal skills to help you succeed at university. Modules will cover broad topics as well as an introduction to your chosen subject area.Study begins by establishing a framework of Classical history, both chronologically and geographically. You are introduced to Classical archaeology, art and architecture (for example, temples, sculpture and inscriptions); Classical drama (comedy and tragedy), and literature (epics and lyrics).Next, in Year 2 (third year of study), you explore the nature of history as a discipline and its changing assumptions, methods and definitions. You choose from a range of modules covering civilisation, archaeology and history including the high point of Athenian democracy and the Classical Greek world, death and ritual in the ancient world and the world of Alexander the Great. In Year 2 (third year of study), you may also undertake a volunteer placement in a museum or art gallery, go on a week-long field trip to sites relevant to the Classical world, or take part in our Study Abroad exchange with a university in America or Bulgaria.In the final year (fourth year of study), you hone your research methods, write a dissertation and undertake more specialised modules that focus on the Pax Romana, the archaeology of Roman Italy, Minoan art and architecture, or Greek and Roman comedy.After three years you’ll have a grounding in the political, cultural, and economic basics of the Greek and Roman worlds that lends itself to understanding how we continue to interact with the Classical world in ou

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Department of Archaeology, Anthropology and Geography

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Students need a high school diploma with a good GPA and either SAT I with a minimum balanced score of 1250 or ACT composite score of 26.

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