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About This Course

The Computer Science Masters by Research programme is an advanced postgraduate research degree that emphasizes independent study of practice-led research. Working with a supervisor and on a specific subject area the programme allows students to focus on research. The degree exists to train researchers, which can lead onto professional work or used in preparation for a PhD. It can provide useful experience of what a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) is like. The programme will follow typical research strategies of the topic of study, including related research, consider ethical viewpoints, look at alternative designs, development and implementation of suitable solutions, and evaluation of the work. As part of the programme, students will be encouraged to write appropriate research papers, publish the results of their research, promote and communicate their research publicly with presentations and conferences.

Research Areas

Choosing your research topic is an important task. Research topics need to be aligned with the topics of the research groups of the School, and aligned with the interests and experiences of a potential supervisor. Applicants should view the research groups of the School, and applicants are advised to identify the name of a potential research supervisor.


Practice-led research provides opportunities for a wider range of job opportunities. It is highly regarded by employees, because the qualification demands you demonstrate critical thought, analysis, independent research and a deep dive into a particular topic, it will open up opportunities in the job market. It can lead to a particular profession, high-tech start-up, engineering, consultancies, technology companies, financial and business sectors, and other sectors including computer programming, computer games, human computer interaction, web development, interface design, electronics, automotive, electronic manufacturing. The research provides experience to continue to further research study in a MPhil or PhD

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School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering

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Full Time (1 yıl)

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£18,250.00 (TRY 346,497) Yıllık
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27 Eylül 2022


Bangor University

Bangor (Wales),

LL57 2DG, Wales

Giriş koşulları

Amerika gelen öğrenciler için

UK PhD's are equal to USA PhD's. Each application is assessed on its own merits, however students will usually be expected to hold a Masters degree, and/or have relevant work experience. Previous exposure to research or thesis writing is highly desirable. Entry onto undergraduate and postgraduate programmes is dependent on academic qualifications and English Language Level. Applicants from USA need NOT provide additional evidence of English Language ability, if previous education was with English medium of instruction. Otherwise, an IELTS overall 6.0 with 5.5 in each component or equivalent is normally required (some courses may require a higher score).

Uluslararası öğrenciler için

Undergraduate degree, in an appropriate and suitable area for the topic proposed - normally 2:1 and above. As part of the application, students will usually need to submit a research proposal. This will demonstrate your existing knowledge, and will outline the aims and objectives, and potential outcomes of the research. Students need to have an overall IELTS 6.5 (no element below 6.0.). TOEFL 85 Overall.

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