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Our Geology and Physical Geography MSci course is a flexible degree, supported by an extensive fieldwork programme, that will give you a broad-based knowledge of the Earth sciences.What drives the occurrence of natural hazards, and how can we forecast and respond to volcanic eruptions and earthquakes? What can past climate records teach us about future climate change? How is the movement of tectonic plates reflected in the landscape around us? If these are questions that you might ask, then this is the course for you.The Geology and Physical Geography MSci programme gives you the opportunity to develop independent research skills and follow your interest in the Earth sciences more fully. It provides an ideal foundation for academic research or employment as a professional geoscientist. You may go on to work in pollution control or hydrogeology, or you could opt to become a geotechnical engineer, work for the British Geological Survey, carry out research or go into teaching. A Geology and Physical Geography degree from Birmingham sets you up for a wide range of exciting careers.Year 1 of our Geology and Physical Geography programme shares multiple modules with the Geology programme. Hence, it is possible to transfer between these courses in your first year. You also have the option of transferring onto the Geology and Physical Geography with an International Year MSci programme, depending on performance.This Geology and Physical Geography MSci course gives you a broad and comprehensive training and allows you to develop your own specialist interests.A varied fieldwork programme builds on a variety of lecture and laboratory based teaching, providing you with a range of practical scientific skills.The first year of the course provides you with a strong foundation in geology and physical geography through a range of exciting core modules. You will build on this in the second year, where you can start to choose from optional modules, covering topics as diverse as continental deformation, geological natural hazards, hydroclimatology and environmental protection. In the third year you will lead the research for your dissertation. This could be anything from an industry-linked project with the British Geological Survey to a remote-sensing project investigating glacier retreat. You can also choose from a wide range of optional modules.The fourth year allows you to specialise further and develop key career skills through leading your own research project. This independent project accounts for half of your final year, and may involve links with industry. You will develop your research plans with an academic member of staff. Several MSci students have published their research or presented it at conferences, and the MSci year provides excellent training for further research or a professional geoscience career.

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School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences

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Full Time (4 yıl)

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£24,600.00 (TRY 448,905) Yıllık
The above mentioned fee is for Band 3a (Laboratory).

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19 Eylül 2022


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B15 2TT, England

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To include A Level History, Medieval History or Ancient History at grade A.

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