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Graphic design has a continuously expanding visual vocabulary. It sorts and differentiates, it informs and promotes. The process is purposeful and offers huge potential for a variety of creative endeavours. Balancing pre-determined project parameters alongside personal expression is the exciting mix of this subject, as is the interchange of traditional and contemporary technologies.**Our approach**Graphic design must:* challenge the status quo* cross boundaries* think backwards from the future* develop powerful and novel solutionsDesigners should be observant and culturally, ethically and historically aware. They should also show openness, understanding and receptivity. At Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) we encourage bold, lateral thinking and understanding of process, technique and business.Through intense, sustained involvement with the design process we support you to produce design that is:* innovative * emotive * enduring * aesthetic**Design and Screen Cultures**Design and Screen Cultures courses will be integrated with your practical studio work. These give you a contextual and theoretical understanding of the holistic nature of contemporary design.

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Edinburgh College of Art

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Full Time (4 yıl)

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£30,400.00 (TRY 554,745) Yıllık
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12 Eylül 2022


Central area campus

George Square,


Edinburgh, City Of,

EH8 9JZ, Scotland

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Minimum entry requirements in the standardised tests are: ACT score of 27 plus two AP scores at 4+ or two SAT subject tests at 650+; SAT score of 1290+ (650+ in Evidence based reading and Writing and 620+ in Math) plus two AP scores at 4+ or two SAT subject tests at 650+; 3 AP scores at 4+; 3 SAT Subject Test scores of 650+; A combination of the AP and SAT, such as 1 AP score at 4+ and 2 SAT Subject Tests at 650+. A combination of AP and SAT Subject tests are acceptable, provided they are in different subjects. For example, AP French and SAT Physics are acceptable as two scores, but AP French and SAT French are only considered once. Students with International Baccalaureate or French Baccalaureate will be considered. The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma is accepted for entry. The Diploma must include three Cambridge International A Levels achieved with points equivalent to the A Level grade requirements for the programme including required subjects. Many of our degree programmes require that you have some experience of the subject at high school. This means that one or more of your three standardised test scores must include specific subject requirements, such as an AP score or SAT subject test in a certain subject relevant to the degree you are applying to. Please refer the university website for details of the English Language requirements for entry to individual undergraduate degree programmes.

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