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You'll gain the skills you need to work in Korea or an international professional context. It's a four-year degree that includes a year studying in Korea. We've designed the programme to give you an understanding of the Korean language and culture. Learning to communicate interculturally is a key focus of this course. We want you to gain insight into different sociocultural language practices and how we use language.This programme allows you to study Korean from beginners level. By the end of the programme, you'll have gained the ability to have conversations and discussions in Korean. You'll be able to give presentations and write coherently. Successful students will be able to use Korean for academic, social and professional purposes, reaching upper B2/C1 level on the JF standard for language education.We've designed this programme to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to work in Korea. On this course, you'll gain both theoretical expertise and experience in intercultural communication. Explore how language relates to speakers' intentions and purposes in social interaction. Examine the way language choices can express identities and cultural values.

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Languages and Linguistics

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Full Time (4 yıl)

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£13,000.00 (TRY 240,474) Yıllık
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Eylül 2022


York St John University

Lord Mayor's Walk,


YO31 7EX, England

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