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Are you passionate about interactions between humans and the natural world, and our impact on the planet? The BSc Ecological and Environmental Sciences may be for you.This programme will uniquely position you to address some of the biggest environmental challenges facing our planet, such as:* rapid climate change* the over-exploitation of natural resources* environmental degradation**What is ecological and environmental science?*** Ecology is the scientific study of the interaction of organisms with each other and their physical, chemical and biological environment.* Environmental sciences integrate biological, chemical and physical sciences to understand our changing environment.A combination of both subjects is vital for understanding and managing changing environments for a more sustainable future.**What will I learn?**This programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to:* understand environmental issues* design robust strategies for sample collection* make ecological and environmental measurements* evaluate the significance of results, and manage conservation and environmental protection assessmentsThis degree is flexible. You will have a wide range of option courses, allowing you to build your study around areas that you are most curious or passionate about. This means you can focus on areas in which you are especially interested, following either an 'ecology and conservation' or 'environmental sciences' route.**Why study in Edinburgh?**By studying ecological and environmental sciences at the University of Edinburgh, you will: * join one of the top-ranked universities in the world * enjoy access to a world class experience with our research and industry networks* learn from ecological and environmental scientists at the forefront of their fields, undertaking world-leading research in a wide range of areasWe will incorporate the latest research in the teaching you receive, and share our discoveries with you.

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School of GeoSciences

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Full Time (4 yıl)

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£30,400.00 (TRY 554,745) Yıllık
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12 Eylül 2022


Central area campus

George Square,


Edinburgh, City Of,

EH8 9JZ, Scotland

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Minimum entry requirements in the standardised tests are: ACT score of 27 plus two AP scores at 4+ or two SAT subject tests at 650+; SAT score of 1290+ (650+ in Evidence based reading and Writing and 620+ in Math) plus two AP scores at 4+ or two SAT subject tests at 650+; 3 AP scores at 4+; 3 SAT Subject Test scores of 650+; A combination of the AP and SAT, such as 1 AP score at 4+ and 2 SAT Subject Tests at 650+. A combination of AP and SAT Subject tests are acceptable, provided they are in different subjects. For example, AP French and SAT Physics are acceptable as two scores, but AP French and SAT French are only considered once. Students with International Baccalaureate or French Baccalaureate will be considered. The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) Diploma is accepted for entry. The Diploma must include three Cambridge International A Levels achieved with points equivalent to the A Level grade requirements for the programme including required subjects. Many of our degree programmes require that you have some experience of the subject at high school. This means that one or more of your three standardised test scores must include specific subject requirements, such as an AP score or SAT subject test in a certain subject relevant to the degree you are applying to. Please refer the university website for details of the English Language requirements for entry to individual undergraduate degree programmes.

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