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Why study this course?

Whether you plan to work for an organisation in the UK or abroad, BSc International Business at the University of Bedfordshire Business School (UBBS) is designed to equip you with the skills you need to succeed in diverse global environments. The course offers you a global perspective of business and an education to perform in multi-cultural business environments across different organisations and industry sectors. BSc International Business offers students a holistic understanding of the global environment with a solid foundation in intercultural competencies, international business, marketing in a global context, global expansion strategies, international new ventures, cross-cultural negotiations, and international trade relations. The course units are delivered through stimulating modules and supported by an optional placement opportunity. You will also be encouraged to take advantage of other initiatives available to UBBS students including our popular Go Global programme and centrally-run employability language classes.

Educational Aims

You will benefit from a degree which gives you a contextual understanding of global business operations at both strategic and functional levels. BSc International Business is mapped with a clear understanding of educational outcomes associated with a strategic planning of units for each year. Level 1: This year offers a general exposure to business functions (for e.g., accounting for business and principles of marketing) and a range of units that address operational challenges and the management of data, coupled with a solid international business foundation unit. Document Status - PUBLISHED ValidFrom Date- 01/11/2021 DocumentID - 3494 Route(s) - BSIBFAAF; BSIBPAAF; BSIBUAAF Page 2 of 13 Level 2: The second year focuses on a more in-depth exposure to international business topics through specialised units with a clear international flavour (for e.g., international new ventures and innovation, international business negotiations, international trade and investment relations, etc.). Level 3: In the final year, you will have the opportunity to apply your international business knowledge and build on your experiences. You will actively engage in a specialist research project which will allow you to advance and further apply your learning of international business. As part of your studies you will also develop transferable communication and collaborative skills as well as a recognisably high level of professionalism, enabling you to fit in and be effective from day one. You will develop analytical, research and problemsolving skills, interpersonal and collaborative communication skills along with personal effectiveness and credibility when working across cultures in international teams, allowing you to innovate, imagine, evaluate and achieve.

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Department of Business Systems and Operations

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Full Time (4 yıl)

Okul ücreti
Bilgi mevcut değil
Başlangıç tarihi

Eylül 2023


Luton Campus

Park Square,


LU1 3JU, England

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