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The BA in Sociology and Philosophy is one of the pathways within the BA Social Sciences degree. It is ideal if you want to keep your options open or study specific topics such as race, class, crime or religion from different perspectives.This flexible degree lets you study at least three subjects in the first year, and then throughout the second and third year you deepen your understanding of the subjects that you feel passionate about.The six subject areas are:- Criminology - The study of the causes and consequences of crime. - Philosophy - The study of the nature of knowledge, truth and values. It also encourages greater consideration of our reasoning, judgement and ethics. - Politics - The study of human organisation, government and power. It examines and evaluates political systems and institutions. - Quantitative Methods - The study of data and analysis to understand the social world. - Social Anthropology - The study of societies and cultures across the globe in comparative perspective. - Sociology - The study of society and examines such issues as social inequalities and forms of everyday life. You are not tied to the course code you apply to through UCAS, and have the option to change after Year 1.

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School of Social Sciences

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Typical Contextual Offer: BBBThis programme is designed for students whose level of Japanese at entry ranges from complete beginner to approximately A-level standard. It is not suitable for students?whose first language is Japanese.Whilst we do not insist on any particular pre-requisite subject at A-level, we are seeking strong performance in learning - and particularly in essay writing subjects. The course is very demanding in terms of academic writing as well as language learning and we therefore prefer that at least 60% of one A-level to be assessed on written work, so that applicants are able to cope with the demands of the programme.

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