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Students who study Sport Business Management will experience a professionally focused curriculum delivered with the support and use of ‘real life’ contexts and realistic sports-based working environments; an integrated learning experience facilitated through staff teams employing a variety of different delivery modes; opportunities to enhance and develop a range of relevant personal skills including problem solving, decision making and reflective skills; and engagement with a consultancy project, working with a sport business company to help solve a real-world business challenge. Core Modules Year One: • The Global Business Environment: An Introduction • Introduction to Sports Studies 1• The Management Challenge: An Introduction• Introduction to Sports Studies 2 Year Two: • Fundamentals of Business & Management• Sports Studies – Issues and Concepts • Operations Management • The Historical Development of Sport. Year Three: • Managing the Consumer Experience • Sports Policy • Financial & Business Modelling (Sports) • Developing Sustainable Events • Managing the Business of Sport• Project Management (Sports). Year Four: • Sport Governance • Sport Marketing • Work-based Project – Sports Management • Professional Development & Practice

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Sport Studies

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12 Eylül 2022


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